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Post by Nerfy @ 12:37pm 11/05/12 | 6 Comments
GOG.com have announced that the classic Sierra adventure game series Quest for Glory is now available on their DRM and regionalised-pricing free digital store.

The six game pack also features the "Hero's Quest" version of Quest for Glory 1, before it was remade as a point and click adventure title and the series was renamed due to legal issues with the similarly-named board game.

The Quest for Glory series are remembered for being distinct to other adventure games of the same era, such as Kings Quest due to their RPG elements that let you carry your character over between games, with tons of skills, a huge story, and great combat. The final game, Quest for Glory V, had a great soundtrack which was reportedly what convinced the grammys to include video games as potential nominees.

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Posted 01:06pm 11/5/12
Nice one, I'll finally have a chance to go back and play QfG4 - it didn't survive the transition to Window XP era very well at all.
Posted 01:10pm 11/5/12

Loved me some Hero's Quest back in the day. F*****g brigands.

The way they spread the story and character development over multiple games was amazing, becoming a paladin was pro!
Posted 02:59pm 11/5/12
The real question will be whether it has the audio files with QFG4. I have a sinking feeling that John Rhys-Davies royalties aren't covered by $10.
Posted 03:43pm 11/5/12
Havent tried it yet, but there is a 500MB Resource.AUD file in the QFG4 folder, I'd say that's pretty good indicator that the voice packs are included.
Posted 08:18pm 11/5/12
I can't believe somebody made my OP somehow coherent using nearly my words and sentence structures. :P (I tried, but was tired..)
Posted 10:19am 12/5/12
have never purchased anything so quickly in my life
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