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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:17am 10/05/12 | 4 Comments
The downloadable content model definitely has merit, when used correctly, but there needs to be questions raised when a game throws small content drops at us so close to a game's official launch. And with announcements of even more content on the horizon, though just as close to said release, you have to wonder why they weren't just part of the original game code.

This is the case with Prototype 2, which only released proper at retail just over two weeks ago, and the first round of DLC, the Colossal Mayhem Pack, which is available today for around AU$9 on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. A second pack, the Excessive Force Pack, has also been revealed and will be made available from May 29 for around the same price.

For those interested, the Colossal Mayhem pack features the Thermobaric Boom-Stick to play with as well as Force Multiplier Powers: Warp Vortex, Anti Gravity Field and Air Time. There are also three new Custom Skins to use: Heller Test Subject, Infected Heller and Infantry Heller.

Watch a trailer for the new content embedded below, or click here for a direct link. You can also read our Prototype 2 review (8.3/10) right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 10/5/12
Wasn't this the game that had the poster that promised 80 pieces of DLC or something, like it was somehow a good thing?
Posted 02:46pm 10/5/12
Wait let me get this straight about air time, they took a major part of the game away in prototype 2 (air time) that they had in the original game and made it DLC?

wtf? want cash much?
Posted 03:52pm 10/5/12
I want the PC version but I have to wait til July 24th ;(
Posted 11:47am 11/5/12
Yeh I want the pc version too, despite the s***** port issues the original had
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