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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:13am 10/05/12 | 6 Comments
According to a report over at IGN, a close source has revealed new information regarding Dead Space 3, and despite their "rumour" disclaimer, we do know an event surrounding EA products to be shown at E3 recently took place, so there's definitely some credence behind most of this "speculation".

At any rate, the most significant entry in the forthcoming survival-horror sci-fi sequel, according to the report, is drop-in, drop-out co-operative play. In single-player mode, Isaac will be guided by another character who also wears an engineering rig with glowing red eyes. In co-operative play, someone will inhabit this mysterious guide, and the story will shift based on whether you're playing solo or with someone else to accommodate certain events.

The likely scenario here is this new character is actually the previously rumoured "Dark Isaac", a projection of Isaac's inner-self as he struggles to control his own demons that began to surface and torment him in Dead Space 2.

The report also suggests that with the inclusion of co-op, players will face more challenging puzzles to solve together using Isaac's engineering arsenal - specifically a revamped telekinesis that will now allow for item rotation and not just levitation. Other additions include the potential for full weapons customisation at updated workbenches, human enemies (as soldiers), terrestrial enemies located on the ice and snow planet Isaac has found himself on, and another massively significant change: the ability to crouch behind cover and commando roll left and right.

We'll know how much of this is true in just under a month at E3, but a lot of these changes don't sit too well with me. For one, Dead Space has always been about a solitary experience - you, as Isaac, against impossible odds. His slow movement has also been a boon for the solitary experience; weighted down by his rig, players were forced to take on action situations in anything but a run-and-gun approach. Adding crouch, commando rolls and cover mechanics, alongside human soldiers as enemies, negates, in my opinion, so much of what the first two games were about. It's early days yet, but here's hoping the game hasn't simply shifted into a generic third-person shooter with cover mechanics and co-op.

Stay tuned for more on Dead Space 3 as we head over to E3 early next month, or for official word from EA on all of the above.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:55am 10/5/12
Interesting. I love me some dead space.
Posted 11:09am 10/5/12
oh yes, coop! Not sure about the npc in single player though
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:21am 10/5/12
Hopefully this is similar to concerns I had over comments Visceral made during Dead Space 2's development where they said it would be more action-oriented (which scared the s*** out of me), but then they delivered a frightening and edge-of-your-seat experience where the scares were complimented by the action.

I trust that this team knows their IP in and out, but sometimes games can easily go down that "me too!" features and game modes route.

We'll just have to wait and see.
Posted 12:10pm 10/5/12
I haven't played any of the Dead Space's simply because I find better value for money in co-op games. I'm interested in reading experienced players opinions about this change to the franchise, I hope it works out.
Posted 06:43pm 10/5/12
Despite not having finished Dead Space 2 I was thoroughly impressed with it, really need to go back and play it through.
Posted 02:34pm 11/5/12
Bugger, hope they don't "EA-ify" Dead Space....
Please no, no Gears of Dead Space Effect needed here.
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