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Post by Dan @ 04:52pm 09/05/12 | 14 Comments
We had previously heard that the Two Guys from Andromeda, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe -- the pig-snouted duo behind Sierra's acclaimed Space Quest series of adventure games from the 80's and 90's -- were returning from a 20+ year game development hiatus and now they have revealed their hopeful first project with a Kickstarter drive for an adventure game titled Two Guys SpaceVenture
We fully intend to bring back every element that you guys loved from our original games! You’ve been very clear and concise as to what you enjoyed from our previous efforts. Here’s a short list of things you can expect if our project gets funded:
  • A Sci-fi adventure from Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe working happily together as a team once again.
  • Hilarious death sequences
  • Tons of the fresh (and moldy) pop-culture references
  • Fun and unique humor
  • Art design and direction by Mark
  • Dialog that will make you blow nostril Tang, written by Scott along with Mark
  • Narration of all this by Gary Owens and the voice acting of other characters by the above mentioned quality industry voice talent
  • Game music that will hopefully give you chills and wedge in your main orb for the rest of your natural Earth life and make you wish you lived inside your computer!
  • A game that you will feel comfortable playing with your children, but with some entertainment that will safely appeal only to the adult psyche
The pitch video paints a more complete picture of their vision, and introduces some of the prospective voice actors, who's impressive histories include the likes of GlaDOS and the Portal turrets, the TF2 Sniper, Pinky and the Brain, Space Ghost and Jim frikken Raynor.

Watch the pitch embedded below and head over to the Kickstarter page to chip in and make this thing happen.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:17pm 09/5/12
Oh hell yes, bring on Gary Owens!
Posted 06:38pm 09/5/12
OMG, in abuot 1 years time I'm going to have a stack of very awesome games to play, or I'm going to be a very disapointed panda
Posted 12:42am 10/5/12
kickstarters are all a big stupid waste of time
Posted 12:10pm 10/5/12
Holy hell! This is the first kickstarter project I'm actually interested in. I'm actually considering pledging now, when I thought there couldn't possibly be a game worth backing.

Fingers crossed now that Chris Taylor announces Total Annihilation 2 and Tim Shafer announces Grim Fandango 2.
Posted 01:05pm 10/5/12
yes. grim fandango 2. that is a game i would back.
Posted 02:19pm 31/5/12
Awesome. Can't wait for this :) SQ was my favourite adventure game series ever!
Posted 07:42am 01/6/12
Going much slower than the Larry kickstarter unfortunately :/ Oh well, at least they've hit the halfway mark...
Posted 10:03am 06/6/12
Yeah really slow, I'll be sad if they don't make their target, and its looking pretty likely :(
Posted 12:32pm 06/6/12
Cavedog entertainment and all associated IPs (including total annihilation) was purchased by GT interactive in 1997, IIRC. That's why there was never a true sequel - only the spiritual successor to it (supreme commander). So I doubt we'll ever see a kickstart project for it.
Posted 11:37am 11/6/12
~40 hours to go and they need 40K. Go go go!
Posted 11:53am 11/6/12
Kickstarter is a good idea but I wonder if it's going to shift the way games are developed and if we'll just see everyone (the likes of EA, etc) dump their game into Kickstarter to see if it gauges enough interest before committing to development.
Posted 06:46am 12/6/12
Just hit the goal >:D
Posted 06:48am 12/6/12
im not sure that begging for money is a good look :(
Posted 07:45am 12/6/12
Pretty sure begging on a kick starter project is just like begging some other investor for money. Just when you're on your knees sucking some big wig corporates c*** to invest, they call it negotiating.
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