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Post by Dan @ 10:34am 09/05/12 | 24 Comments
Earlier in the year, Stainless Games -- and indie studio comprised of the creators of Carmageddon -- revealed that they had managed to secure the rights of the brutal racing franchise back from publisher Square Enix and were working on a brand-new game, aptly titled Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

The 50 person indie studio has reportedly invested "over a third of a million dollars" into the game so far, but will need more scratch to get the game over the blood-stained finish line. So the obvious answer following all the other recent indie success of course, is a Kickstarter campaign.
Now we have our baby back we really don’t want to have any creative control of the new game wrestled from us by a corporate investor, a publisher, or space aliens trying to subvert humanity using subliminal messaging in video games. We want to make sure that the game we make is the game that we (and Carmageddon’s fans, and a new generation of Carmageddon fans who don’t even know they want it yet) want to play.
With 29 days remaining, the fund has already raised $70,000 of its $400,000 goal and at this rate looks very likely to blitz that.

Watch the pitch video below for more details and head over to the kickstarter page if you feel like joining the cause.

carmageddon reincarnationtrailerkickstarter

Latest Comments
Posted 10:49am 09/5/12
hell yeah im donating for this awesome game!!!
Posted 11:01am 09/5/12
Ah Carmageddon! So much fun back in the day, Carmageddon 2 just as fun. Now if only some one would bring back Interstate '76/'82.
Posted 11:04am 09/5/12
I pledged $50
The GuVna
Posted 11:20am 09/5/12
Hah wow haven't thought of Interstate 76's in years. Still hasn't really been a game like it, it was like Mechwarrior with cars, with a groovy soundtrack & desert theme. Still remember having an RV with 5 massive chainguns firing forward at once, would destroy an enemy in seconds but alas pressing all their fire keys ment I couldn't steer as my keyboard was locked up from all the Key presses

But Alas not to derail, A true sequal to the carmageddons is defenatley needed, loved the 1st two. The replay feature was infinite in it's replayablity :)
Posted 11:43am 09/5/12
I'm glad that Stainless Games are back making this one so I reckon I'll donate. TDR 2000 was a complete piece of s*** but not made by Stainless Games.
Posted 11:46am 09/5/12
agree Tspec, i bought Carmageddon 1 and 2 which i still have but decided to download TDR cause i only played it for 1 hour
Posted 07:37pm 09/5/12
they are up to 90 000 :)
Posted 07:52pm 09/5/12
Carmageddon along with Diablo were like addictions in my early pc years. F*** yeah that they are getting this going again.
Posted 10:26pm 09/5/12
If they raise enough money, they should get Fear Factory back to do some new songs for the soundtrack :)
Posted 12:10am 10/5/12
Aweosme i'll always remember in carmageddon 2 the first time vs that mining truck and getting smashed half way across the map
(aces high playing in the background)

and carmageddon1 was like 150 races or so to finish the game
Posted 11:20am 10/5/12
they are up to $135k pretty dam happy hope they go the whole way!
Posted 12:14pm 10/5/12
I loved the splat pak with the updated open gl driver support. Really made the whole game so much better. Need's a huge revamp to make it fun today or 1 bottle of whiskey.
Posted 02:52pm 10/5/12
best use dx11
Posted 02:07pm 15/5/12
235k hope it gets there!
Posted 02:17pm 15/5/12
I've been keeping an eye on it every day, awesome that they made the half way mark in such a short amount of time but it seems to be losing a little momentum. Here's hoping they still make their goal, at least they still have a lot of time left so that's good.
Posted 04:33pm 16/5/12
amazing to see one person donated 10k and another 7.5k, They must be really huge fans or stinking rich and or both.
Posted 10:19pm 16/5/12
If it was your kickstarter, why wouldnt you just pledge $10k or so yourself, you'll get it straight back and it makes it look like people are interested.
This goes doubly so if you are $10k short of your goal and almost out of time.
Posted 03:20pm 26/5/12
372k :)

i am giving them $50 it includes a steam version of the game some DLC and the original game on
Posted 03:25pm 26/5/12

I did $30 for 2 copies.
Posted 08:53pm 26/5/12
Awesome, done. Also worth a mention is the Space Quest guys.
Posted 10:57pm 27/5/12
Posted 01:31am 28/5/12
haha "cunning stunts"
Posted 06:03am 28/5/12
It hit it's mark late last night, they've set a 'bonus' target of 600k at which point they'll guarantee Ports to Mac and Linux (which I'd think would happen eventually but they'll get to it sooner).

I've upped my contributions twice now (and I started @ $25). TBH I can't wait, I still LOVE the whole franchise (despite some of the hate that TDR 2000 seems to attract) and can't wait for more of 'The racing game for the chemically imbalanced'!

So for those who don't mind 'cheap thrills' head on over and check it out, they're aiming for a Feb 2013 release (unsure if beta, I'd assume not) get in now to grab it cheap, but have a look at some of their better contribution levels. If it's even remotely as good as the first, it's well worth even $25 to get in early.
Posted 07:46am 28/9/12
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