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We missed last week's installment of the Aussie-developed independent game of the week, due to hefty travel on my part, but we're back in full swing this week. No bull.

Well, maybe a little bull actually, as this week we're featuring Bullistic Unleashed from Millipede Creative Development, a Melbourne-based iOS and design studio who've taken the puzzle genre popularised by Angry Birds, and replaced them with something angrier and more destructive: bulls.

There's a serious level of polish in Millipede's title, and it oozes development and design confidence, while being riddled with tongue-in-cheek humour, for good measure.The bulls are out to crush the mall and it’s your job to help them by flinging these anti-social bovines across huge levels, smashing everything (and everyone) in sight. Use pinball bumpers, exploding crates, elevators and barrel cannons to keep your bull in play and rack up massive damage.As usual, you can check out more media and details on our Bullstic Unleashed game page, or by clicking the thumbnails below. We've also embedded a video of the game in action you can watch below, or directly by clicking here.

Bullistic Unleashed is available now for the iPod and iPhone from the App Store for 99 cents (price will go up to $1.99 shortly after launch).

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