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Post by Dan @ 10:06am 02/05/12 | 29 Comments
Confirming months of rumours, Activision has finally announced the very-expected Call of Duty: Black Ops II, a sequel to Treyarch's last cold war-era outing that will this time take the action to a near-future 2025 setting.

Also as expected, the official release date for what is an annual series anyway is November 13th 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Watch the debut trailer below (or here in our HD video library) and stay tuned for many more details on the next Call of Duty experience later today.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:10am 02/5/12
Lol, i thought IW was meant to be modern warfare and Treyarch was meant to be oldschool warfare not future warfare.
Posted 10:21am 02/5/12
f*** this whole game and its 2003 graphics.
Posted 10:26am 02/5/12
Horses! Dubstep!
Posted 10:41am 02/5/12
We Frontlines: Fuel of War now!
Posted 10:48am 02/5/12
lol mechwarriors
Posted 11:18am 02/5/12
I swear it looks like a s***** bf3
Posted 11:39am 02/5/12
It might share the Call of Duty name but everything Treyarch touches turns to...whats something worse than s***?
Posted 01:00pm 02/5/12
Hmm new era was essential, but the old engine AGAIN?! lolol
Posted 01:03pm 02/5/12
Looks f*****g awful.
Posted 01:06pm 02/5/12
never thought the series shouldve stopped until now
Posted 01:08pm 02/5/12
man that trailer looked like s***, what the f*** are treyarch/acti thinking trying to get people pumped for number 13435163 CoD with that.
Posted 01:10pm 02/5/12
f*****g lol, how on earth can they call that 2025? do they realise this is 2012, not 1980?
Posted 01:13pm 02/5/12
the sharks have been jumped
Posted 02:31pm 02/5/12
Posted 03:03pm 02/5/12
Would be great if they bothered to use a different engine but I would imagine Activision is pulling the purse strings and its cheaper to go with the tech they got to maximise profits. I agree the series should have ended or other developers should have had a go with the IP. I prefer Treyarch over InfinityWard too.
Posted 03:19pm 02/5/12
After watching that trailer again anyone else think of Command & Conquer Tiberiam Wars?
Posted 03:37pm 02/5/12
probably half the people that say it looks s*** will be in the purchase line at the midnight launches.
Posted 04:07pm 02/5/12
probably half the people that say it looks s*** will be in the purchase line at the midnight launches.

This is QGL. Surely not. Maybe if this was the 'epic pr0 xbox aus pwnage' forum that would be the case.
Posted 04:11pm 02/5/12
Posted 04:58pm 02/5/12
It might share the Call of Duty name but everything Treyarch touches turns to...whats something worse than s***?

are retarded?
Black Ops was way better then mw2 and mw3.
W@W was an improvement of COD4 not a sideways step like mw2 to mw3.

But this does look like s***.
Posted 05:03pm 02/5/12
Yeah, i didnt see any reason for the treyarch hate. I thought both COD5 and Blops were more enjoyable than their predecessor in terms of SP. Blops MP sucked but we all know that and IMO COD5 MP was better than COD4 but thats because i preferred the old school weapons, bigger maps and dogs instead of choppers (f*** the tank noobs though).

I remember the L4D2 boycott group.
Posted 05:05pm 02/5/12
i loved Seelow on cod5, snipings was fun
Posted 05:44pm 02/5/12
just watched the trailer

+1 looks terrible.

Posted 05:50pm 02/5/12
i loved Seelow on cod5, snipings was fun

Hell yeah, that downfall map was f*****g awesome. Also airfield, cliffside, seelow. I was either a m1garand with scope sniper or a mad bunnyhopping mp40 flanker. Best multiplayer of my life.
Posted 05:58pm 02/5/12
Ill buy it from a Cdkey site, Not worth paying aussie retail price.
Posted 06:09pm 02/5/12
Wtf, looks like they're trying to be Metal Gear Solid or something, that just looks ridiculous
Posted 06:33pm 02/5/12
Terminator of Duty: Black rise of the machines ops 2

Are they using the.... unreal engine?
Randy Cambell
Posted 07:39pm 02/5/12
Posted 09:31pm 02/5/12
Are they using the.... unreal engine?
Nope. same old proprietary engine they and Infinity Ward (and now Sledgehammer and Raven) been slapping new coats of paint on (in fairness, obviously rewriting huge chunks of) since 2003, It's actually originally id Tech 3 based.

In World at War, they called it IW3.0, in MW2, they called it IW4.0, in MW3, they called it "The MW3 engine", but it's all just an evolution of the same tech that they share between Activision-owned studios.
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