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Post by Dan @ 08:18am 02/05/12 | 18 Comments
Confirming the rumours following a trademark registration back in March, Bethesda has revealed that the first DLC for the hugely successful The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be titled Dawnguard.

Disappointingly, the only thing accompanying the reveal is a teaser image that simply shows the regular Nordic Dragonborn archetype from plain-old Skyrim, however, there is one more detail that is likely to irk half of their fan-base:
Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.
Yep, like the Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Dawnguard is expected to be exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days before it comes to PC and PlayStation 3.

Considering that Bethesda developers have noted in the past how Skyrim mods for the PC game can actually function on modded Xbox consoles -- highlighting that there is little difference in the content interface between platforms and would therefore be trivial to publish across all three simultaneously -- the only real conclusion that disappointed PC and PS3 owners can draw is that Microsoft has paid for the privilege.

Bethesda promises to tell us more about Dawnguard at the E3 expo in early June.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:32am 02/5/12
This is typical but it still annoys me, I don't think I will pay for the DLC now.
Posted 08:46am 02/5/12
Yep, like the Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Dawnguard is expected to be exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days before it comes to PC and PlayStation 3.
Being a massive PC gaming fan; to the point of never even ever owning a console ever, ever never ever; this should be bothering me more than it is.

Posted 09:06am 02/5/12
If it was longer than I would be really pissed, as it is with 30 days I'm annoyed but it is not unexpected.
Posted 09:49am 02/5/12
having about 200hours of skyrim play completed... i'm in no rush for more & i never even finished the main quest :p
i felt the same about fallout3 new vegas.. by the time it was out i had over-saturated with fallout3 & wanted to play something else.
Posted 10:28am 02/5/12
Yeah, don't see the big deal. Anyone with any sense knows that Skyrim was developed for Console. It's only right that DLC is released for consoles first.

Posted 10:32am 02/5/12
Developed for console, yet plays like s*** on console. This expansion would need to have some really good content or Im not interested. Also, price.
Posted 01:32pm 02/5/12
Check out the eyes. They are all glowing and s*** compared to the original image for Skyrim.

Maybe there will be some vampire based storyline or something.
Posted 03:32pm 02/5/12
Why do they even do this? There is zero advantage to this. Unless Microsoft thinks that PS3 owners will abandon their console in favour of having Skyrim DLC 30 days earlier with an xbox.
Posted 03:33pm 02/5/12
I think it's more to encourage people to buy the game on their system, rather than buy an Xbox 360 outright.
Posted 07:13pm 02/5/12
Developers will take money where they can get it so what's 30 days for an undisclosed amount of cash to have is on Xbox first?
Randy Cambell
Posted 07:43pm 02/5/12
Bethesda must be givin Bill Gates head, Thay spend a heap of time on P.C then shaft us by 30 days!
Posted 07:53pm 02/5/12
Need details before I have a scrap of care to give, dagnaggit. Hopefully it's not just more quests, need more other types of things.
Posted 08:01pm 02/5/12
Yeah hopefully they add some things from that developer video that was posted and increase the game play a bit. I'll still buy it just for more quests, collectables and the advancement of the world story though, but one can hope.
Posted 08:30pm 02/5/12
More like Badrim :V
Posted 08:41pm 02/5/12
Consider yourself forever the enemy of people who care more than me.
Zen Apathy
Posted 08:57pm 02/5/12
Meh Bethesda will probably f*** up the roll out for the DLC anyway so 30 days will give the plenty of time to fix it for me to play. I don't think there was any DLC for fallout 3 that wasn't broken when it came out.
Posted 09:59pm 02/5/12
Posted 10:38pm 02/5/12
Heh, I was with it until Jerry-Todd agreed that it was a good idea.
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