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Arkane Studios' Dishonored appears to be edging ever-closer to the 2012 full media swing, with Bethesda and the developer continually offering up new nuggets of tantalising awesome, today with a new batch of screens.

There are a few elements within these we haven't had seen before, such as the crossbow and grenade weapons, while a look at some new environments such as the courtyard, backstreet canal and cat house give us a better look at the stellar art-direction on display here.

If you're still a bit behind on the Dishonored front we have even more media, including an excellent trailer you can check out right here, as well as an extensive preview of the game you can read right here.

Click the thumbnails below for a closer look at today's new screens.

dishonoredscreenshotsarkane studiosbethesda
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Posted 12:02pm 01/5/12
Very much looking forward to this, very much so.

Next time you guys get to interview someone at Arkane, any chance you can ask about why they aren't working on Arx 2? :P Though I will say Dishonoured is looking to scrub up very nice.
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