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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:51am 30/04/12 | 9 Comments
One of the stand-out features for Portal 2 wasn't the game's mechanics, setting or puzzles. It was the tight, comedic scripting and its delivery. Few games have managed to reach humour heights like those found in Portal 2 and we're happy to report this benchmark remains in the recently announced Portal 2 DLC "Perpetual Testing Intuitive". Or at least as the new trailer for it would have us believe.

There's no real gameplay shown here, but the point of this new content is to offer up an easy-to-use level creation kit so everyone can get in and have a crack at making something that's easily shareable and easy to use.

Watch the new trailer for the forthcoming DLC (May 8) below, or click here for a direct link.

portal 2dlcperpetual testing initiativevalvesteam
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:07pm 30/4/12
ahahaha that was awesome :)
Can't wait.

On a related note, can we have a portal gun in Tribes Ascend?
Posted 12:13pm 30/4/12
Oh that'd be good.

The co-op stuff has been a real let down, basically because the other person they give you to play with sucks for one reason or another. They either quit immediately, have their microphone blaring their TV at you, or quit because you're taking too long to solve a new level they've solved 20 times before and they haven't figured out the communication stuff.

It was only good in the first few days it came out because you could easily find someone up to the same bit as you.

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Posted 12:24pm 30/4/12
I enjoyed my expereince in co-op but I took my PC to a friends house and we played through it from start to finish.
Posted 12:28pm 30/4/12
Yeah playing with a friend is totally unreasonable. It's like when the teachers says "choose your own groups". Great. B****.
Posted 12:29pm 30/4/12
Yeah Start~>Finish with my Housemate. Both having not done the puzzels.

We both had mic's but found it easier to just use the in-game Ping "Put a portal here dumbass" feature.
Posted 12:43pm 30/4/12
Ah Cave Johnson, you and your lemons!
Posted 01:24pm 30/4/12
Hilarious as always. It's probably safe to say Valve is the industry's leading games developer, and by a long way too.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:33pm 30/4/12
Should be awesome. JK Simmons is hilarious. Anyone catch him in Party Down?

Posted 05:36pm 30/4/12
Only let down with portal 2 was that it wasn't long enough. Not exactly a fault of the game, more just a problem of the genre, how many maps do you use to tell a story? Well portal two had a lot and I did spend quite a few hours playing it but yeah.. once the story was complete i felt like i still wanted more.

Anyway I'm curious about this :)

I had a portal 2 soundboard for a long time on my phone just so i could play any of cave's rants any time i needed a pickmeup.
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