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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:42am 30/04/12 | 7 Comments
You know zombies have made it in pop-culture -- beyond the norm -- when a comic-book series, inspired by the zombie films of yesteryear, is adapted into a successful (if overly drawn-out) television series, which then sparks a need for a videogame that shuns the successful TV part in favour of being more true to the comics.

That's exactly the case with Telltale's take on The Walking Dead, a new episodic adventure from the same studio responsible for Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. The Walking Dead Episode One: A New Day is where it all begins, and James "Jickle" O'Connor reckons they're on to something special here.

Find out why in his full review.

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Posted 10:55am 30/4/12
Being a huge zombie fan and owning just about every zombie game (dead island being one my faves) I was hesitant to try this game, my Dad had already bought it but I'm still sitting on the fence.

After reading this review it's won me over.

NB: I didn't even know this was a comic strip, when I saw the trailer I was looking for the tv show characters.
Posted 11:28am 30/4/12
haha because if it was based on the tv series it would suck more d*** than a hooker at a truck stop
Posted 11:29am 30/4/12
I played it for about half an hour last night. It's pretty good, and for $25 or so well worth it so far.
Posted 11:42am 30/4/12
i'm surprised it's getting such good reviews. i was expecting it to be s***.
Posted 12:10pm 30/4/12
ravn0s - so was I, to be honest. Very pleasant surprise!
Posted 11:48pm 30/4/12
Yeah this is surprisingly not bad.
Telltale are a bit hit and miss. Poker Night at the Inventory was a bit glitchy but worthwhile. I wasn't quite taken by the BTTF series despite being a fan of the movies and wanting to see it succeed. Jurassic Park got quite poor reviews so I skipped it, but Walking Dead's hooked me.

It was somewhat stuttery in places like the review said but I didn't get a crash so that's a bonus I guess. I'm not sure which specific line of dialog was the absurdly bad one, but the entire battery puzzle itself did feel awkwardly forced and a bit daft.

I would sorta classify this as less 'game' and more 'interactive comic', but not in a demeaning way at all.
I'm liking the Mass Effect Lite approach they've taken where your choices get recorded in the save file.
It was short, but there's some hard choices that seem to have a large effect on the game so I reckon that might give it enough replayability to stretch the 10 hours into maybe 15-20.

Looking forward to episode 2!
Posted 11:50pm 30/4/12
haha because if it was based on the tv series it would suck more d*** than a hooker at a truck stop

choke more then a hooker in the valley.
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