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Post by Dan @ 09:45am 27/04/12 | 9 Comments
EA and DICE have released another new trailer from the upcoming Close Quarters DLC expansion for Battlefield 3, showcasing another one of the new maps that will be coming to PC and Xbox 360 in June 2012 and one week earlier for PlayStation 3.
We are proud to present the second of four maps included in Close Quarters, dubbed Donya Fortress (internally called simply “Palace” after its working name). In today’s new gameplay trailer, you’ll see more of the gameplay changing HD Destruction, plus a glimpse of the new game mode Conquest Domination. Conquest Domination is basically a clever mix of the tactical Conquest mode and the instant action gameplay approach in Close Quarters, tailored to the tight level design and frantic close quarters combat
Watch the trailer embedded below or click here for the HD option.

battlefield 3trailereadicedlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:51am 27/4/12
Woah, sound is garbled big time! Checked YouTube version to make sure it wasn't a motif haha, it's fine. Bad transcode?

Using Chrome on PC.
Posted 10:54am 27/4/12
f*** yeah, so much win.
Posted 11:29am 27/4/12
Is this what CoD will look like on Frostbite 2.0?
Posted 11:58am 27/4/12
Is this what CoD will look like on Frostbite 2.0?

Essentially. It's a Call of Duty add on for BF3.

See I think this will be fun. However it'll get old quickly.There's only Four maps. Four Small Maps. That's nothing. Now on the other hand I am sure this game mode will be playable with exisiting maps in 16player tdm. However the contrast would be quite large. So that'd be really disjointed.

Also DICE still is forgetting that Destruction should be part of the game play, not just a visual element.

BF3 is dying in it's current form. This as it doesn't slot into the existing game will just help it's death happen quicker. As servers which host rounds for 32,48,64 players will switch over to this 16 player mode. People will get sick of these maps in a few weeks. Leave for good as the main game will be dead. So when they eventually actually release proper BF3 DLC there'll be no one playing.

We're still waiting for the aggressive DLC over the first 6 months. That never happened.

Also dice probably still won't be addressing the major hacking problem in this time either.

The main problem with BF3 is, they clearly didn't know what they wanted to make. So there's big difference in styles. Things are also badly and randomly implemented. With BF2 you know they set out to make BF2 as it was. Same with BC2. With BF3 it seems they never could make their mind up about player sizes, destruction, open world versus corridor ect. Whether they were making a sequel to BF2 or to BC2 or a COD version of BF. It's like they disliked what BF was and so at every point tried to change it. Never for the better.

The whole DLC thing just shows how incompetent they are. Potentially ruining the brand. It'll be interesting if many people come back for a bf4.

What they needed is. BF3 to be a full on BF2 sequel like they said it would be. Then this year MOH is the COD with the FB2 engine. Next year is BC3 which is a kind of in the middle. Give everyone what they want. Instead of this crap. With BF3 trying to give everyone what they want in one game but half arsing it all.
Posted 12:04pm 27/4/12
Destruction awesomeness.
Posted 12:14pm 27/4/12
badfunkstripe you sound like the type of people complaining that they won't be able to play diablo 3 if a black out occurs because it has to be always online
Posted 01:45pm 27/4/12
Yeah, I think that's all a bit much. I mean, I struggle to find Karkand pack matches sometimes.

In any case, they're not going to magically switch to 6 player expansion maps on every server... haha

I'm excited, because these maps will be amazing for levelling quickly, then when I start feeling claustrophobic switch back into the open maps! Really failing to see the downside with this one.
Posted 08:56pm 27/4/12
im not buying any of their s*** until they fix the last patch and fix something went wrong. plus i properly wont buy this because i dont want to play cod..maybe if it becomes free at some point when they have milked enough cash from everyone.
Posted 05:10pm 28/4/12
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