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Post by Dan @ 09:20am 26/04/12 | 40 Comments
Getting more specific on that hugely anticipated May 15th 2012 launch day, Blizzard have now confirmed the times of day that the game will launch around the world (Thanks Zapo).

According to Blizzard Australia, Aussie and New Zealand players will be able to purchase boxed copies of the game at local retailers from 9am on Tuesday, May 15th (and you can already pre-purchase it digital from diablo.com). However, as even playing the game solo requires a constant connection to Blizzard's Battle.net servers, eager purchasers will not be able to actually play the game until later that afternoon.

Australia, along with New Zealand and Latin America are lumped into the North American player base for this one, so our Diablo 3 server access will go live at the same time as our US counterparts at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15.
New Zealand Standard Time: 7:00 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 5:00 PM
Australian Central Standard Time: 4:30 PM
Australian Western Standard Time: 3:00 PM
More specifics on the launch times and celebrations in the other corners of the globe can be found over on the official website. For more coverage on Diablo 3, swing by our game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:44am 26/4/12
5pm Tuesday 15th May it's on!
Posted 11:07am 26/4/12
5pm unlock for us? The f***? Really f*****g sick of companies doing this because US players are a bunch of whining c****. Unlock it for us at 12 as well or at 9... seriously.
Posted 11:17am 26/4/12
I get your frustration, but it's technically being unlocked globally at the same time. No special treatment if you live in a different region. It's technically a better time to have it unlocked anyway
Posted 11:30am 26/4/12
Yeah, I'd rather it unlock at 5pm so I can get home from work and play it, rather than midnight when I'm going to bed.
Posted 11:55am 26/4/12
I think its great, simultaneous release for once. Except for Europeans, who aren't mentioned but I presume are getting shafted.
Posted 12:05pm 26/4/12
I think its great, simultaneous release for once. Except for Europeans, who aren't mentioned but I presume are getting shafted.

Servers Go Live At 00:01 CEST for the European Region

whenever that is.
Posted 12:18pm 26/4/12
Yeah, I'd rather it unlock at 5pm so I can get home from work and play it,

damn straight nigs

f*****g perfect time for me
Posted 01:13pm 26/4/12
Grrrr... I took the day off work.. Might need to re-schedule for Wednesday off then :(
Posted 01:15pm 26/4/12
One of the other possible downsides to the simultaneous launch is the extra stress is will add on the servers with everyone smashing them at once. At GDC this year one of the talks I saw was for Gears of War 3 talking about how they handled the network stuff for launch - they had this great animation showing network logins for the on a map of the world as the release window opened up across the world... was really cool. With a single release time I can imagine it will be a bit more of a headache maybe.
Posted 04:29pm 26/4/12
Servers Go Live At 00:01 CEST for the European Region

whenever that is.

it's +2 during dst so something like 8am brisbane time
Posted 01:21pm 26/4/12
At 5:01pm 15th May the race begins to complete inferno =D There can be only 1.
Posted 03:52pm 26/4/12
5pm sounds fine to me.
Posted 04:07pm 26/4/12
I don't see the problem with 5pm: You leave work an hour early, drop in to EB, JB, wherever on the way home, head home, install while dinner's getting sorted, then you're ready for 5 hours of D2 on release nite and don't go to work late the next day after needing sleep (hah, who am I kidding).

Alternatively: Midnight release, you queue up from 9pm to finally get out at 1am, rush home to install, which takes an hour, play for two hours before you crash, then get up again 3 hours later to go to work...
Posted 04:23pm 26/4/12
@ Jim that's 8 AM not PM they get it before everyone else
Posted 04:30pm 26/4/12
oops yeh pm not am, fixed the post
I'm in the UK working australian business hours and still botched it =]
Posted 04:53pm 26/4/12

Alternatively: Midnight release, you..

Wake up and have a normal day at lunch, pick up the game at lunch so you can play when you get home. I have never done a midnight launch because it'd kill me and I really can't be arsed as I'm not that excited and worked up about a game that I'd loose sleep over the launch..

Just as bad as all those people lining up for hours to get a new iPad or iPhone.
Posted 06:13am 27/4/12
Europe servers will unlock 8 hours before the US server so they get to play before us.
Posted 08:14am 27/4/12
Meh, probably gonna have to wait a couple days for the Collectors to arrive at my address anyway.
Posted 08:55am 27/4/12
Boohoo I need to wait a few more hours to play a game I've waiting 10 years for, 5pm is fine get home from work, kiss the misses cook some dinner and lock myself in a room until I fall asleep at 10pm :P so one hour to play on launch haha f*** real life :(
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:29am 27/4/12
FWIW, JB have it for $69, and a gaurantee of lowest price. Anyone seen anything better with in-store pick-up?

I've seen Harvey Norman have it for $68
Posted 09:44am 27/4/12
I bought it off Blizzard directly this morning for AU$79 . For the sake of $10 I didnt think it was worth battling with retail stores running out of stock.
Posted 10:00am 14/5/12
i booked 2 weeks off work, i guess all today and tommrow studing diablo 3 lore :P
Posted 10:40am 14/5/12
Probably old news, but the Installer (digital download) will be functional in the wee hours of Australia's Tuesday morning. This will allow you to both install the game properly for the launch, and patch it to v1.01.
Posted 10:43am 14/5/12
Big W selling it for $58
Posted 11:34am 14/5/12
D****mith got it for $59
Posted 11:43am 14/5/12
D****mith got it for $59

Is that the 'Out of Stock' empty shelf price, or the 'In Stock But Tucked Out The Back' staff price?
Posted 11:46am 14/5/12
All the Big W's I rang up yesterday said they aren't selling it yet or don't have copies in until today/tomorrow. One even asked what was Diablo 3 and said maybe EB games.. lol
Posted 11:59am 14/5/12
I'm gonna swing by BigW in a few minutes while I go to lunch. In the past they've told me "nah, can't sell it until tomorrow" but no big deal if that's the case.
Posted 02:58pm 14/5/12
Rang my local Big W today and they said they will be selling Diablo 3 for $58, but got told that you wouldn't be able to buy it until Thursday as that is when their catalogue starts...

But i will be buying my copy of Diablo 3 from D*** Smith for $59, as rang them today and put my name down on one to pick up tomorrow morning.
Posted 04:30pm 14/5/12
I just called up D*** Smith's at Brookside and they said they are selling it tomorrow for $69?
Posted 04:45pm 14/5/12
In the catalogue that starts tomorrow on the back page it has it for $59 and says nothing about it being online price only.
Here is a scan of it


I will be taking the catalogue with me to make sure i get it at that price.
Posted 04:50pm 14/5/12
I see, excellent.
Posted 06:41pm 14/5/12
Does anyone want a $58 BigW receipt posted?

Also got a bunch of guest passes.

last edited by parabol at 18:41:13 14/May/12
Posted 03:05am 15/5/12
still in 2 minds whether i should get this or not..
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