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Post by Dan @ 04:03pm 24/04/12 | 6 Comments
We're fashionably late to the party with this one, but if you have an Xbox 360 and haven't heard of this little guy, it's still well worth your attention. Indie studio Polytron's long-awaited 2D/3D platformer has finally launched on the Xbox Live Arcade, offering a fresh little puzzle experience for 800 MS Points.
Fez is fantastic. The hype is justified, and the rave reviews are all true. If you have held off on buying this platform puzzle game because you suspect that it is just another load of over-rated indie wank, then fear not. For while Fez is indeed very, very strange, it's also one of those rare games with the power to totally capture your imagination.
Read the rest of this feel good review to find out why.

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Posted 04:06pm 24/4/12
i want this game on PC. i also want trials evolution on PC.
Posted 09:44pm 25/4/12
Teah Fez is nothing if not very strange, but just like people the strange ones are often the most intetesting.

Somehow they've managed to make it 2.5D which you have to play with the rotation to appreciate.

The world map reminds me of a networks visualiser info design archetype of 2007, which is cool to see used as a game element.

The game itself is just bragging rights for how good they are at pixels graphic animations.

Having read a bit of the back story from the developer gives an appretiation of the number of (probably) soul crushing hours of meticulous attention to detail put in to get it to where it is.

If you liked Super Meat Boy for it's retro style, Fez will keep you geeking for hours.

I did find the story somewhat non linear and found myself leading Gomez into time ripples and 0.0 space more often than finding an obvious direction in the game.

There are no guidance or structural detail in story direction as you would expect from games like WoW or Fable, and the bits & pieces of chatter that you get from npc's are helpful, but don't really add much to the narrative of the game.

It's a great indie game, it's a good thing they don't bake these gems out to PC builds straight away, gives the console more sales carrot.

Posted 09:48pm 25/4/12
The only thing i'd want to own a 360 for is these games that are always coming out that PC never gets. Shame.
Posted 10:27am 26/4/12
Blame DRM
Posted 10:46am 26/4/12
Pretty sure this will at least come to PC, most Microsoft XBLA exclusives eventually turn up on Steam or something similar.

Which is a good thing cos this game is f*****g awesome.
Posted 12:30pm 26/4/12
The only thing i'd want to own a 360 for is these games that are always coming out that PC never gets. Shame.

Same. Was raging that limbo wasnt on PC but it finally arrived. Hope this does too. And that wierd tower climbing game that was featured on good game - catherine. Category of "puzzle-platformer survival horror adventure game", awesome.
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