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Post by Dan @ 03:28pm 24/04/12 | 8 Comments
If people were confused why anyone thought it was necessary to make a feature film based on Milton Bradley's Battleship, then, then they would have been downright confuzzled by the notion that said film should also have a videogame adaptation. But it happened; and it did.

To Accompany Universal Pictures' 2012 movie Battleship, Activision's Battleship: The Videogame can now be found in Australian stores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
BATTLESHIP follows elite demolitions specialist Cole Mathis as he clashes against an aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril in the sand and sea of the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago. Trapped in a veritable communications dead zone, Mathis must command the U.S. Navy fleet in a “siege on the sea,” while simultaneously rallying the troops on land for a terrifying “war on the shore.”
Intrepid reviewer Dave Kozicki trudged through this one for AusGamers and you find out his thoughts in this review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:31pm 24/4/12
Reminds me of Death from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.."You have sunk my Battleship!"
Posted 03:41pm 24/4/12
Regarding the first paragraph, the chronicles of ridd*** game was one of the best I ever played. ;)
Posted 03:51pm 24/4/12
Damn you Nerfy! That was one hell of a game.

I stand corrected, though technically it isn't a movie tie-in, it just features Ridd*** (and Dave heads for the hills with his "Get out of Jail free" card intact)
Posted 03:55pm 24/4/12
Fair enough, I was going to mention Star Wars as well, but the good ones are so far away from the content of the movies that it felt like a cheap shot. ;)
Posted 04:07pm 24/4/12
is the movie decent?
Posted 04:09pm 24/4/12
Ridd*** was released around the same time as the second movie, it was definitely a tie in.
Posted 04:10pm 24/4/12
Butcher Bay was great, but def not a movie game. 007: Everything or Nothing and Westwood's Bladerunner were also great imo, but same deal.

The SNES era star wars games are the only film games that I can recall being genuinely good, but of course, they weren't rushed to release alongside their movies.
Posted 07:27pm 24/4/12
I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was fun action movie; it doesn't take itself too seriously.
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