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Post by Dan @ 02:32pm 24/04/12 | 16 Comments
As the weeks continue to tick down until the massively anticipated May 15th 2012 launch of Diablo III, Blizzard have released yet another dramatically-narrated character class showcase trailer for the game, this time featuring The Witch Doctor:
The witch doctors. Sage conjurers, enchanters, and mystical warriors who are driven by a charge to maintain spiritual balance and harmony in the violent world of Sanctuary. They command ancient magics rooted in the primal powers of life and death, and are adept at summoning fearsome, shadowy creatures. A witch doctor is armed with simple talismans, fetishes, rough carvings... and endless ravening throngs of vengeful spirits set to bring destruction at their master's command.
Watch the trailer embedded below or click here for our HD video page.

For a wealth of information on this mask-wearing magician, head over to's Diablo 3 section.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:51pm 24/4/12
Looks nice indeed xD
Posted 03:33pm 24/4/12
Why on earth does the video look so horrible?

No shadows, bloom, glows... etc ?
Posted 04:16pm 24/4/12
There are shadows and lighting effects. Heaven forbid a game doesn't wash itself out with the worst graphical effect of the last 10 years. In interviews the art team talked a lot about readability during combat rather than overt effects that hide what is going on. Bloom is certainly one of those effects which negatively impact your ability to see wtf is happening.
Posted 04:54pm 24/4/12
Looks fantastic! only 3wks till its release now. Still havent decided what class im gonna go...
Posted 08:03pm 24/4/12
After playing the beta on max graphics, I confidently say that the preview videos look like s*** compared to the actual graphics.

Also I can't decide which class I like either, all 5 are awesome.
Posted 08:30pm 24/4/12
i called witch doctor ages ago, havent been disappointed

the best bit when he was rattling off all the different skills is that i will be able to use them all, none of this `building one type` crap you used to have to do by channel points into a string skills to get a certain couple of skills otherwise your character was basically useless
Posted 09:00pm 24/4/12
I remember when I first played D2 and made my first character. He was a necro and I had no idea that you could change the skill tree tab so I got to like Lv 18 or something as a pure curser lol.
Posted 10:09pm 24/4/12
The game looks awesome to me.
Posted 11:12pm 24/4/12
Just from playing the beta. Melee classes dominate, ranged seem to catch up and start scaling better once you get some decent armor but its much easier playing melee.
Posted 06:58am 25/4/12
double posted somehow ...
Posted 05:11am 25/4/12
I find this game really boring, dungeon siege somehow seemed more interesting? Or am I crazy and missed something really crucial.
Posted 06:26am 25/4/12
The edit button, perhaps?
Posted 12:12pm 25/4/12
i really liked the way it plays, played barbarian and wizard, barbarian is a lot more fun, up to level 13 anyway, may change as you level up but like redhat said melee dominates while starting out
Posted 02:23pm 25/4/12
Just from playing the beta. Melee classes dominate, ranged seem to catch up and start scaling better once you get some decent armor but its much easier playing melee.

i think that has been the case since diablo 1

i personally find the barb pretty boring, but that been the case for me since diablo 1 as well
Posted 02:32pm 25/4/12
So melee dominates the first act on the easiest difficulty. In the grand scheme of things that means sweet f*** all. I think its impossible to make any sort of meaningful deductions about gameplay balance based on the beta since its just a small slice from the most insignificant portion of the game.
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