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Post by Dan @ 03:28pm 23/04/12 | 12 Comments
We still don't have a release date for Valve's upcoming Counter-strike refresh, but in an widely-reported interview on podcast Seven Day Cooldown with Gabe Newell, Valve's most-not-boss indicated that whenever Counter-strike: Global Offensive ships, a full SDK is intended to follow three months later.

While other big franchises that used to be modder favourites -- including, but not limited to, Battlefield and Call of Duty -- have recently shunned the PC mod community, it's terrific to see Valve continue to stick to an open model and still allow user-created maps and even total-conversions to be built on their games.

CS: Go is still currently in closed beta testing and a launch is expected in Winter 2012 (US Summer).

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:30pm 23/4/12
3 months by Valve time
Posted 07:16pm 23/4/12
can't say i'm very pleased with the game so far, but news like this could be just what this game needs!
Posted 09:25pm 23/4/12
Have you played it? It's really solid for a Beta.
Posted 09:35pm 23/4/12
But how many servers will be running dust and office only, 3 months later? I would have loved to play all the extra and custom maps in cs source but after a while everyone just played dust and office. All the custom/extra maps servers were empty.

It's ironic, give people a choice and they choose to play 1 map over and over again, lock them down to 5 or 6 maps, and they b**** and moan about not having any choice. WTF human race?
Have you played it? It's really solid for a Beta.

Do those playing it as a beta have any advantage over players who don't, when it finally releases? Other than practice at the physics and what have you?
Posted 10:55pm 23/4/12
Do those playing it as a beta have any advantage over players who don't, when it finally releases? Other than practice at the physics and what have you?

No, Im certain they will reset all the achievement things, which don't mean jack anyway. Otherwise there really isn't anything else.

I've been playing it a bit and I must say I don't mind it, coming from someone who's played 3k+ hours of cs 1.6 when I lived in the central queensland/the bush. Source and this one are different mainly in that the hitboxes are bigger and thus the aiming is a lot more simplified. For me it takes some getting use to.

I do like how they have 5 v 5 servers where you just can just jump in and have a pug game. I think thats it's best feature and for that alone will attract many competitive players from both cs and css.

The new guns don't add much to the game play, its still the same old ak47 and m4a1 trump all as far as im concerned. The molotov c***tails and decoy greandes are a nice new feature and will add to the depth of the strategy that is essential in team games.
Posted 11:04pm 23/4/12
Great, that's all we need. Bigger hitboxes. The hitboxes in mw3 are huge, presumably for the consolers.
Posted 07:39am 24/4/12
how does the decoy grenade work?
Posted 07:47am 24/4/12
It just appears on your radar as someone shooting, and picks a random noise to make. I'm enjoying it, while being different it still retains that CS feels. The AWP still makes no sense as to how people can shoot it and succeed. Also you can control bots once you die.
Posted 08:30am 24/4/12
I didn't think Valve could count to 3.
Posted 08:34am 24/4/12
Yeah, i like playing different maps, not this dedust 24/7 BS.

I was never any good at CS as im more a bunnyhopping kind of FPS player but the smaller teams appeal to me provided it doesnt come down to 1v1 on a big ass map.
Posted 10:30am 24/4/12
I did my weapons page update a few days ago, ravn0s you can check this page -
Posted 02:54pm 24/4/12
I didn't think Valve could count to 3.

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