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Post by Eorl @ 11:35am 21/04/12 | 15 Comments
Activision and Hasbro have today announced that the video game adaptation of the recent blockbuster movie, Battleship, is now available in Australia.
In Battleship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems, first person run-and-gun gameplay meets tactical battle command. Playing as Cole Mathis, a first class Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, players will deploy air strikes and radar sweeps to monitor and dominate the marine battlefield. With killer-combat instincts, players must lock-and-load an arsenal of weapons like machine guns and missile launchers to send the invaders packing.

In the Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and DS versions, players are in control of a wide variety of naval units, including Cruisers, Submarines, and Patrol Boats in exciting turn-based combat with a team of specialised commanders. With different play modes to choose from, including Story and quick-battle Skirmish, players will unlock new maps, units, and leaders to turn the tide of battle.
If your still scratching your head as to how a video game was made from a board game, than check out the launch trailer below (HD over here) which shows off some explosive gameplay footage.

Battleship: The Video Game is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, 3DS and DS.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:53pm 21/4/12
this battleship movie and game are a f***** joke.

Why the f*** didnt they just say its a new idea instead of saying that a movie is based on a f***** board game... how the f*** can u base a movie on the game battleship.. and then base a console game on that movie that was based on a board game....

I duno about you guys but i think this is the f***** stupidest idea ive heard of in years... whats next a snakes and ladders movie featuring some other d class pop star trying to make a name in the movie world.

go suck a d*** who ever signed off on this movie/game to get made
Posted 12:57pm 21/4/12
I was suprisingly entertained by the movie. Maybe it helped that I went in with the lowest of low expectations, but it actually turned out to be a rather cool action movie. But yeah, it really didn't have anything to do with the board game, so I dunno why they bothered licensing the name/rights/whatever.
Posted 12:57pm 21/4/12
Isn't battleships already a game? Why make a movie, based on a board game and then remake that into a game? The f***?
Posted 01:18pm 21/4/12
I presume it is a pre-emptive measure simply to prevent the creators of Battleship the board game (or whatever) from launching legal action for "intellectual property" if the movie and game were released as is.

So big legal poo fight after you release something that may just tank or arrange it all before hand and avoid the bs.
Posted 02:26pm 21/4/12
I can see why this is not on PC
Posted 02:33pm 21/4/12
lol, it's a good thing the Battleship movie came along at just the right time and gave them a chance to rename the game from "Halo of Honor: Modern Battlefield Duty"
Posted 02:44pm 21/4/12
Looks like it used the engine and assets from crysis to make a game with a plot very much like crysis...
Posted 02:45pm 21/4/12
That got a good laugh out of me.
Posted 03:32pm 21/4/12
Yeah, the movie felt very reminiscent of Crysis as well. To the point where I was wondering if maybe it started out life as a Crysis movie and they couldn't get the rights or something.
Posted 03:37pm 21/4/12
Oddly enough, that gives me the first inkling of desire that I've had to see it. :P
no you hang up
Posted 06:17pm 21/4/12
Halo of Honor: Modern Battlefield Duty

Posted 10:03pm 21/4/12
made it 2seconds into the same ad i've seen on ausgamers for the last 3+ months and closed page.
Posted 10:10pm 21/4/12
Is it just me or did the trailer for the movie look a lot like the end level/map/whatever in the first crysis game?
Posted 08:39am 22/4/12
If your still scratching your head

Posted 09:06am 22/4/12
thanks for that grammar nazi ....
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