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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:10pm 20/04/12 | 29 Comments
Blizzard has dropped a bit of a surprise for everyone who hasn't had a chance to dabble in the Diablo III beta just yet, by opening it up for anyone with a valid Battle.net account for the weekend beginning April 20 at 12:01 pm PDT, and finishing up on April 23 at 10:00 am PDT.
We're pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game's release on May 15.
You can start downloading the client by clicking here, and Blizzard also has a bit of a handy FAQ for you to rummage through right here. So what are you waiting for? Get into it!

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:33pm 20/4/12
Already on it! :D
Posted 03:55pm 20/4/12
I haven't played it at all for about a month! I'm not even sure i'm going to buy it since the beta basically made me sad :(
Posted 04:03pm 20/4/12
Battletags are sort of semi-working with WoW now too, as in, anyone you've added to your friends list in the Diablo 3 beta via their battletag, will be on your friends list in WoW and you can see when they're online playing D3.

Just can't add other WoW players via battletag yet, but I'd assume its not far away before its completely functional accross all of battlenet.
Posted 05:00pm 20/4/12
I havn't really played this since they updated the UI for skills and swapped some of the runes about. Worth playing through anymore or havn't they added anything worth seeing?
Posted 05:03pm 20/4/12
If you've played with runes maybe not so much since the game is coming out soon anyway. But they have swapped a fair few runes around which werent available before, so you can at least check those out.
Posted 06:16pm 20/4/12
uh so iv been having some trouble trying to get the beta to work. I just have 1 big question, does anyone who has played it experienced lag? Similar to diablo 2 online or even say the delay you get in WoW? It f*****g infuriates me that these idiots FORCE you to play on their s*** US servers, when the rich f*****s wont even give us a local server. Anyway, end rant, anyone know if the combat delay is bad?
Posted 06:18pm 20/4/12
I've had no problems with lag..
Posted 06:21pm 20/4/12
I have pretty s***** internet and I sometimes had a small delay due to a lag spike but it's hardly noticeable.
Posted 06:23pm 20/4/12
hmmm fair enough, thanks. I just hope its not as bad as D2 online was, drove me nuts dying to lag
Posted 10:01pm 20/4/12
any1 getting a prob saying that there battlenet account dosent have a license attached to it ??? error 12
Posted 10:02pm 20/4/12
beta opens tommorow dude
Posted 10:05pm 20/4/12
arrhhh that could b why .. lol thx man
Posted 03:20am 21/4/12
Sorry Blizzard but you left it too late! I'll be too busy in TERA now. :)
Posted 10:44am 21/4/12
anyone know what time it opens?
Posted 11:18am 21/4/12
its running now
Posted 03:26pm 21/4/12
Good fun, but wish there was more content! Grr May 15th get here faster!

Monk FTW woo hoo, still miss the pally though : (
Posted 05:19pm 21/4/12
Damn tried out the Beta again today, so so laggy. Wonder how many players are in?
Posted 05:27pm 21/4/12
why would sp be laggy? or have they got mp going?
Posted 05:38pm 21/4/12
as far as i know, there is no actual sp, its all done online, and you get the choice to allow people into your game or not :/ sorta bummed about that
Posted 05:42pm 21/4/12
boo f*****g hoo
Posted 05:56pm 21/4/12
no lag here. a-ok
Posted 09:00pm 21/4/12
why would sp be laggy? or have they got mp going?

You still play online with single player, its essentially just you playing on battlenet in a multiplayer game with only 1 person in it. If you want to play truly single player, you set your game up to be private so that nobody can join, otherwise you can set it up so that while you're playing 'single player' other people on your friends list can jump in and join you mid-game.
Posted 09:16pm 21/4/12
hmm not sure if i like that.
Posted 09:23pm 21/4/12
in the words of paveway: "boo f*****g hoo"
Posted 11:00pm 21/4/12
Type in google image, mouse in wheel, hit enter. 2nd image is the mouse that once powerd WoW in vanilla and is now powering the d3 servers. LAWL but srsly, The said thing is, people will QQ and not understand that its not just a beta, but an OPEN BETA!!
Posted 11:23pm 21/4/12
I am really looking forward to the full release might wait for the usual expansion pack before getting into it though

Otherwise my study will go out the f*****g window
Posted 11:27pm 21/4/12
I can't seem to connect, getting some 3003 error
Posted 12:46am 22/4/12
I can't seem to connect, getting some 3003 error

You're in the EU?

Error 12 - This is an error we're still investigating but you can workaround it by simply changing your Battle.net account password to force your account information to refresh. Once changed you can change it back.
Error 3003 - Click Options, under Account change your region to The Americas. The open beta is only being held on US hardware.
Error 315300 - If you're sure you're typing your correct account information, check to ensure no additional spaces were added before or after your email address. If that doesn't work try a completely wrong account name and wrong password, error, and then again try your correct Battle.net account email and password.
Error 24000 - Once logged in you may run into this error when attempting to start a game. We're aware and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Gray login button - You need to use your Battle.net email address as your account name. Your BattleTag is a nickname, not your account name.
Updating Setup Files - If you're stuck on "Updating Setup Files" try these troubleshooting steps.
Crashes - For any crashes please visit the Technical Support forum
Posted 06:27am 22/4/12
Cheers for that. Now instead I get a code 37 busy servers hehe :)
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