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Post by Dan @ 02:36pm 19/04/12 | 2 Comments
DICE have quietly rolled out another server-side update for Battlefield 3, addressing a handful of lingering bugs without the need for players to path their game clients.

According to a forum post by DICE's Mikael Kalms, the update is due to rollout to BF3 servers worldwide starting at 10:00 UTC on April 19 2012. Here's the stated changelog:
  • Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds
  • Fixed TV Missile doing much more damage than it should (it is no longer a 1-hit kill)
  • Tweaked tank armor strength
  • MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now disable it
  • RCON admin.say command can send to individual players
  • A few invalid map+gamemode combinations in maplist.txt could crash the server on startup; these combinations are now rejected instead
  • RCON vars.serverDescription was not returning anything in R20 if the string was not set; this has been changed to return “” instead
  • RCON player.onChat now reports the target player subset
The RCON changes are obviously only relevant to PC, but no mention has been made of when the gameplay-related fixes will make their way on to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 servers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:06pm 19/4/12
This game is STILL buggy for me after all these patches. Maybe 40% of games will just close and it will say "Something went wrong". DICE is a joke.
Posted 07:15pm 19/4/12
this is what happens when console dev team work on a pc version...muppets, just remember they lied to all pc gamers when this was in production, they said pc was the lead platform. the the dev team found it all too hard and finished it on console atfer they had talked it up to be pc
and dont forget
error: sever is not there anymore to go along with something went wrong
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