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Post by Eorl @ 12:40pm 19/04/12 | 47 Comments
Rebellion Developments has today announced that the demo for Sniper Elite V2 which was previously a console-exclusive based on a very gory reboot of the original title, Sniper Elite, is now available for PC on Steam.
Take advantage of authentic weaponry, learn how to stalk your targets, fortify your position, set up the shot, use your skill, patience and cunning to achieve your mission. Stealth gameplay is the key as you find yourself trapped between two desperate armies in a race against time.

Watch as the celebrated ‘bullet cam’ from Sniper Elite returns, bloodier and more gruesome than ever – skilful shots are rewarded with a slow-motion flight of the bullet, then targets are graphically rendered in X-Ray as the bullet enters and destroys your victim. Organs shred, bones splinter, teeth shatter, as the true impact of the sniper’s bullet is brought to life.
While Australians have seen their fair share of censorship for violent games, you'll be happy to know Sniper Elite V2 has been rated MA15+.

Sniper Elite V2 will be available May 4 for Steam on PC, and May 10 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC retail.

Head over to Steam now to grab the demo. You can also check out our game page for the latest trailers including weekly kill cams that show off the very gruesome X-Ray mechanic.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:28pm 19/4/12
Awsome! For some reason this game really appeals to me. Must be those many hours I spent camping with an AWP in the early versions of CS... back when machine gun recoil was a quarter circle and we were all skillful enough to go full auto and hold it steady.. unlike how where its spray and pray.
Posted 02:38pm 19/4/12 Sniper elite gameplay (nut cracker)
Posted 02:41pm 19/4/12
Keeps saying servers too busy. :(
Posted 03:14pm 19/4/12
i played the xbox demo last night. wasn't particularly impressed.

player movement was awkward, moving into and out of cover was not very smooth. trying to climb something was a pain. you had to be in the exact spot for the A button to appear to allow you to climb.

If you don't 'nail' the shot the enemy keep on rolling in even though they've been hit. you only know you've really got them when it slips into bullet cam and follows the bullet path for a close up hit. there was one good moment where the cut away in bullet cam showed a sort of xray through he body of the skeleton and organs around the midsection of the guy i had hit and the bullet doing it's damage in slow motion shattering bones and piercing organs. Wasn't overly graphic just interesting.

background surrounds were ordinary. It was just an old bombed out city so you skulk around sniping and avoiding being caught. and it is a demo of course so not many options to check out other maps if any.

just over all it didn't have a real polished feel for me. maybe PC is better.
Posted 06:05pm 19/4/12
ROFL SieGe great video man. What amazing attention to detail they went to for that internal stuff.
Posted 07:17pm 19/4/12
same here trauma :(
Posted 07:47am 20/4/12
I'm able to download it now so it seems the server issues have been fixed. Getting a beautiful 645kb/s.
Posted 08:21am 20/4/12
DLing now. Thanks.
Posted 08:37am 20/4/12
I just shot someone...through their shoulder blade. Oh god that would hurt.
Posted 09:22pm 20/4/12
Played it, great fun. Nothing like nailing a long distance head shot on a moving target. I liked also having to counter for wind and gravity and not having the game do that for you. My only concern is i hope the missions arent all the same. Plus, made by rebellion, didnt they do the last AvP which average. Violence / gore was good and i wish they did it each kill rather than occasionally (with the option to turn it off if desired).

Check it out, i played the first mission 5 times honing my sniping before finishing it. Really good fun.
Posted 10:25pm 20/4/12
I've played the demo nearly 10 times now just to see the different kill cam combinations, and there are quite a lot. I got a two head shot one before which actually went into x-ray and that was pretty damn awesome.

As you said Deadly, hopefully the missions aren't all the same, though I do enjoy the kill cams not always playing as that would be a tad annoying. It seems to either pick them at random, or only count really awesome shots. I've been playing the Elite difficulty setting and it's really awesome having to account for bullet drop, wind and being out of breathe.

Overall from the demo experience, this is a game I won't mind spending $44 for, especially if the singleplayer is as fulfilling as the demo was. To actually make me want to keep playing the demo kind of says something.

Also shooting someone in the hand and watching the x-ray vision of the bones being shattered is a really awesome scene.
Posted 10:43pm 20/4/12
I found elite far too easy - the dude you play takes plenty of rounds before dieing, enemy snipers arent too accurate or kill you quickly enough but the wind and gravity is awesome and the breathing sway just adds extra fun. Also kinda annoying are the enemy MP40 dudes who spray from the hip while running and hit you @ 100m odd. Thats some BS there although you can happily take a few hits and get your shot off before taking cover again. I also found they would fire @ me even though they couldnt see me or had line of sight on my position, as if they were trying to shoot through the map.

My biggest concern for the game i forgot to mention is that enemies and in particular enemy snipers are in the same spot each time. So once you play through a mission, apart from shooting dudes differently, you know exactly where the enemies will spawn or be waiting. My 3rd time though i was coping some fire from a far away sniper dude and it took me a few shots from him to locate him as i took cover. Then the next time through i simply peered around the corner and shot him before he even saw me, kinda lame. And given there were plenty of rooms and windows he could be in, i dont see why the game couldnt change each load to keep you on your toes.

Dunno about multiplayer though. I had that sniper ghost warrior multiplayer with mates and it was a matter of camping and shooting whoever gave away their position first. I wonder how they could make a sniper multiplayer game fun.
Posted 12:43am 21/4/12
About to download the demo on steam now. A game like this does not need multiplayer, It can not compete with BF3 and Caw'a'dooty and other shooters. I would like an option to slow down the bullet cam, With buttons on the UI. So I can see exactly what it hits and the ensuing damage.
Posted 07:50am 21/4/12
I found the AI a tad dumb as well, however I've been hearing that they may have tweaked AI to be a bit more smart in the release so not sure. Still, it's a fun game, and that's what really counts. I did notice the AI were shooting at me, but it will be where I was last. That's what I think the white ghost of you is, showing where they last saw you.

Also I don't know if it's really wanting to compete with Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 in regards to multiplayer, more just a "hey here is some multiplayer for fun as well". We do get Co-Op singleplayer which will be awesome.
Posted 12:50pm 21/4/12
I shot the guy on the roof(after you put the satchels down) with the welrod.

I dont think I have seen that gun since MOH:Rising Sun
Posted 05:56pm 21/4/12
I did notice the AI were shooting at me, but it will be where I was last. That's what I think the white ghost of you is, showing where they last saw you.

Nah, this was @ the start. I shoot the first dude, then go out the back, down to the end, enter the house and start shooting down the road @ the dudes from the far right window. Once i nail all of them, a few more dudes come running onto the screen but before they do, they were shooting @ me even though they could not see me and terrain was blocking their line of sight and line of fire. It happened every time i played that part too. Was different to them shooting @ last known position, that worked fine.
Posted 07:10pm 21/4/12
Might be a bug then, haven't had that happen to me :S
Posted 07:28pm 21/4/12
Finally had a go at this, really liked it. Though I agree with Davo, elite is not hard enough. I did manage to kill all the convoy vehicles, including the target with one bullet which was kinda awesome. Also ran into a few minor issues when I started rebinding things e.g. I changed mouse wheel up/down to next/prev item as 1-9 for weapon selection is just fine. How ever this disabled zooming which is done with the mouse wheel by default.

As for AI being dumb, I go into every game expecting stupid AI... I never feel let down.

The biggest issue how ever is that the bullets do not come out of the gun itself, this means that you can use the 3rd person aim to basically shoot around corners. I took out the roof sniper this way, was a bit s***.
Posted 03:59pm 22/4/12

Not a fan of the 3rd person view. In an FPS, f*** that s*** off.

Also, game natively went into 3D mode which was pretty cool :)
Posted 10:34pm 22/4/12
Holy crap this demo is fun. I'm just playing the first part of the demo over and over and finding all the different kill types. Even managed a "2 in 1 detonation", where I think I shot someone's grenade and him and the guy next to him blew up.

Once you get the hang of where to aim (the red diamond is helpful), almost every shot can result in slow-mo.


Posted 12:16am 23/4/12
If you get a chance to play this on a machine where the monitor is capable of 3D, I highly recomend doing so
Serious OMG s***
Posted 12:19am 23/4/12
Also, go custom game an crank everything up. You can increase AI (still pretty easy IMO).
Be curious to see if this makes it past our ridiculouse censors as L4D2 got denied as did SOF2 for similar content.
Posted 12:28am 23/4/12
Also, go custom game an crank everything up. You can increase AI (still pretty easy IMO).
Be curious to see if this makes it past our ridiculouse censors as L4D2 got denied as did SOF2 for similar content.

It already has, been given MA15+ with no changes from what I can tell.
Posted 11:44am 23/4/12
Hahaha classic inconsistency from the OFLC.
Posted 10:04am 26/4/12
Played the demo 30 odd times, pre-ordered.

Posted 12:23pm 26/4/12
Played again yesterday. Good fun but i saw an enemy trying to run through a sign post for about 5secs before running around it. I tried running everywhere so that when it comes time to shoot, the scope sway is more difficult. Good fun.
Posted 11:08pm 27/4/12
Just another update about some things you may not know:

You can search dead bodies. Most of the time it just gives you ammo but u can also get grenades, trip mines, landmines etc.

If you follow the alleyway opposite the stash of explosives there is another crate with extra land mines and trip mines in it - great for setting up an awesome ambush @ the end. I had 5 trip mines, 2 sticks of dynamite, the 2 explosives planted and 4 land mines all ready and waiting and once in the final sniper spot, you can restart from previous checkpoint over and over from when the convoy rolls in to try different final scenarios.

You can nail the VIP dude while he is still inside the moving truck.

You can also shoot the fuel canister lid on the trucks to make them explode. Ive done it while they are stationary but am yet to hit a moving fuel canister lid.

You can also detonate the dynamite / trip mines / land mines by shooting them.

I played the last stage over and over for about 30mins trying to see all the different ways i could finish the mission. Great fun.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:18pm 27/4/12
Got the demo leeching now and done the pre-order thingy. This looks like something I could play for ages.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:46am 28/4/12
Controls are a bit gumby, especially walking thru buildings. Camera whips around all over the place. But the action is f*****g hilarious. Really loving the xray shots. So brutal.
Posted 10:27pm 28/4/12
Double pill shots for the win :)
Posted 11:32pm 28/4/12
The 3rd person movement is pretty bad. When crouched and walking on an angle the dude does a weird ass first kinda stance.

I also wish their was crotch shots.

Just found this site for steam preorder for $30:
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:44am 04/5/12
When the hell is this going to unlock on steam??? I checked 3 hours ago and it said 3 hours. And I checked again now and it says 3 hours. F*** you Valve. I could have gone to EB yesterday and bought the console version and been playing. Or just leeched it from a pirate site.

OK, I'm calm now.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:23am 04/5/12
It's unlocked guys. Woot!

Happy shooting.
Posted 11:29am 04/5/12
I know what I'm playing when I get home :)
Posted 11:39am 04/5/12
Is this worth buying? serious question requires a serious answer...
Posted 12:16pm 04/5/12
this games pretty fun, love the slow mo - havent really been playing it like a sniper game tho using the trip mines etc, have just been runnin in and shooting :( have to take it a bit slower i think
Posted 07:06pm 04/5/12
Coop is fun but not particularly challenging, haven't played single player.

Only problem so far is no dedicated servers on release. They appear to have been listed in steam as a separate game and aren't under the tools section, plus it's windows only. Listen servers give us 100 latency to someone in the same town.
Posted 07:40pm 04/5/12
Waiting on my CD KEY from CJS, I paid with Paypal so might take three business days for funds to clear*

*anyone to confirm?
Posted 04:42pm 05/5/12
Multiplayer is horrendously bugged, I've had my screen go glowy, stuck not respawning, screen just filled with blood, stuck in walls. That's not even mentioning the horrible rubber-banding everyone does when they run, even with 40ms latency.

Is fun though, but wait another patch or two to play multiplayer. Coop is still enjoyable though, if not really challenging.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:56pm 05/5/12
Played co-op yesterday and it was awesome fun. One thing I don't like is that when you loot a weapon, it might only have 3 bullets in it. Seems rather pointless to swap weapons with that stuff going on.
Posted 05:23pm 05/5/12
Game is really good, the singleplayer is a heap of fun, and co-op is hilarious. Love that you can even turn the killcams off or barely have any, and even turn MP killcams off. Great game, well worth the purchase.
Posted 08:30pm 05/5/12
One thing I don't like is that when you loot a weapon, it might only have 3 bullets in it.

I thought that was strange. Surely the soldiers would have extra mags on their body? Or even if they were down to their last clip, then its a max of like 30 rounds so why does everybody have like 3-7rounds, even the guy i shot before he even fired a shot.

Just a few stupid things detract from the game but i clocked up 3hours on the demo and had tonnes of fun.
Posted 10:47pm 05/5/12
Its worth the $44 I paid. I unlocked it on the 2nd with a VPN and cracked it. Now I lost my save games when I removed the crack and checked the files were right. Oh well, have to start again which is annoying but I don't think I will get tired of seeing the projectile making large holes in the skulls. Why on earth would you turn off kill cam Eorl?? That is like half of the fun of the game.
Posted 10:52pm 05/5/12
What happens after the novelty of shooting nazi's in the balls wears off?
Posted 11:00pm 05/5/12
You realise it's just a cod version of a sniper game with too many bugs and stop playing it.
Posted 12:08am 06/5/12
I think the small amounts of bullets is to stop you just running in guns blazing and instead use the rifle + stealth. I actually have the killcams set to normal blade, just like the option to get rid of them if necessary. The game offers some varieties to which path you take which I appreciate, keeps it interesting.
Posted 12:44am 06/5/12
Yeah having options is always good. I do like the stealth stuff, I wonder if they will have DLC that adds more missions and weapons. I would like to see an expansion set in the pacific. What does annoy me though is I can use other weapons like the K98.
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