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Post by Dan @ 10:22am 18/04/12 | 7 Comments
As the weeks tick down until Diablo III's long awaited May 15th release date, Blizzard continue to tease us with more "unlocked" promotional content and the latest character to get the "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" gameplay trailer treatment is The Monk:
The monks. Holy warriors who believe that the madness and chaos of Sanctuary are destined to be brought into order, and that it is their sacred mission to assist their thousand and one gods in doing so. Arrayed in the fiery colors of Ytar, the fire god, monks draw from their years of intense training and meditation to become masters of melee combat. While proficient with many types of weapons‚ staves, blades, maces and spears, monks have no real need for such crude tools. Their discipline has honed both body and mind into living instruments of divine justice.
Watch the emebdded trailer below (or here in HD) for great justice, and for more Monkish goodness, steer your browsers over to the official Diablo 3 website where you can find an eight page short-story on the holy martial artist titled Unyielding.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:33am 18/4/12
Suprised how much I enjoyed the monk in the beta, I usually played ranged characters, often casters, but monk was really fun.
Posted 11:14am 18/4/12
it's a reasonable compromise with those magical I-can-punch-you-from-right-back-here moves
Posted 12:24pm 18/4/12
I liked monks more than I thought I would and for once, I like all the classes. Last 2 diablo games I was always the rogue, amazon or necromancer because I didn't enjoy any others
Posted 01:51pm 18/4/12
I enjoyed playing the witch doctor.

It was rough with the wizard on beta until til a buddy told me you could just equip the hardest hitting weapon of any type and start smashing everything.
Posted 01:53pm 18/4/12
Yeah WD will be my first class choice. What's after that is up for grabs. Might be demon hunter or monk.
Posted 02:44pm 18/4/12
The monk took me by surprise as to just how much fun it was. As soon as you get dashing strike and can move all over the place, the monk just feels so good. I'm with DM, this is the first time in Diablo i have loved every class. in saying that though, i have to stick to my barb first.
Posted 04:30pm 18/4/12
I'm unsure about the monk because its so neutered in the beta (demon hunter similarly) which makes it hard to pick because the witch doctor has enough abilities to preview how cool it is and the barb is just raw fun even with limited choices.

The flashier moves in the vid look cool but with the way teleporting works in the beta (pretty disjointed and choppy in my experiance) it might be a little frustrating to play - the new teleport punch thing should be cool but it plays like 1000ms punch more than letting you fly around like nightcrawler at the start of xmen2, which would be a damn cool ability of they could mirror it in game.
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