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Post by Dan @ 10:15am 16/04/12 | 9 Comments
Human Head Studio's official Facebook page for their viking action game Rune had been suspiciously active recently for a fan-page of a 12 year old game and now it seems pretty obvious why. The latest post rather bluntly states "We are considering a sequel to the cult hit classic Rune!" (via StrategyInformer).

Over the past week, the developer had been sharing game art from classic Rune and asking fans not-so-subtle questions such as what platform they'd most like to see a sequel on and probing what game elements they consider most important.

Last month, it was rumored that Human Head's current project, the impressive looking Prey 2, had been cancelled. However no official word has yet confirmed nor denied that.

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Posted 10:18am 16/4/12
Rune was awesome.
Posted 11:12am 16/4/12
I hope it's just as good the sequel. With the close-combat/Quake style multiplayer along with the cool story. Good story, good multiplayer - that's what I would like to see for the sequel to Rune... Man that was ages ago I played that.
Posted 11:42am 16/4/12
I remember the demo of rune. That was back when i was a kid and didnt have enough money to buy my own games. Awesome stuff.
Posted 11:50am 16/4/12
Rune was awesome - one of those classic games like DeathKarz and Skunny Kart that everyone played but nobody paid for or bought.
Posted 12:03pm 16/4/12
Rune was awesome, I might install it tonight
Posted 01:00pm 16/4/12
Awesome! Rune was great fun. Now all we need is a sequel to Die by the Sword
Posted 02:11pm 16/4/12
Holy s*** this is awesome news.
Posted 04:02am 17/4/12
this is fantastic news, and oddly enough I was talkin with my brother and dad about what made the game a crack up!

I remember chasing my mates around some of the multiplayer maps.... I'd cut his arms off and was chasing him down (brandishing one of his limbs as a weapon) whilst he was trying to get to a health pickup!
Posted 03:07pm 17/4/12
x1000 times yes!

Rune was a fantastic game.
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