With the arrival of Wrath of the Lich King Classic we sit down with the team to discuss the process, making changes, and the goals for the Classic team.
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With the latest Game Update 1.2: Legacy to arrive on Star Wars grounds, Bioware has been listening to player feedback and granted a wider range of subscribers the recent free 30 days game time only available to gamers with level 50 characters.
We appreciate the feedback and are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Legacy Promotion, also awarding 30 days of play time at no charge to players that have reached Legacy Level 6 (who may not have a 50th level character).

We just released the innovative Legacy System as part of Game Update 1.2, and felt that looking at Legacy point progression across all of your characters was a great way to reward our most avid players. This means that any of the experience you earn with any of your characters brings you closer to the goal of Legacy Level 6. The choice of how to get to Legacy Level 6 is yours.
In addition to the new requirements for the free 30 days game time, Bioware has also extended the deadline for a level 50 character or Legacy Level 6 to April 22nd, 5pm GMT (April 23rd, 3AM AEST for Australians).

You can check out the full requirements for the extra 30 days over on the official post or drop in on this forum thread to hook up with the AusGamers SWTOR community. Drop us a line in the comments on your thoughts so far of Game Update 1.2: Legacy.

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