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Post by Dan @ 11:33am 13/04/12 | 14 Comments
We've seen a few teaser glimpses before, but today EA and Danger Close have released the first proper look at gameplay action from Medal of Honor Warfighter, the upcoming first person shooter sequel that's being developed on Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2.0 technology.

This first Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay video features footage from a mission set in Basilan, Philippines where "Tier 1 Operators are tasked with rescuing hostages from an entrenched terrorist force.".

Watch the embed below or click here for the HD option.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 23rd 2012. For More details on Warfighter, check out our recent in-depth preview and developer interview with Danger Close Creative Director Rich Farrelly.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:39pm 13/4/12
looks pretty awesome imo
Posted 03:02pm 13/4/12
But what about multiplayer ? do we get to be the different armys?
Great idea if that was the case
Posted 03:45pm 13/4/12
I can't be the only person who's sick to death of these f*****g games..
Posted 04:15pm 13/4/12
I'm not sick to death.

I like every few months or 6 months or whatever have a new one of these kind of games.

I never finished SP of last MOH. Wasn't bad though. I though the MP was lacking in content for long lasting appeal but was really under rated.
Posted 07:11pm 13/4/12
WarFighter, lame title name.

Looks good, could be a trailer for any FPS in the last 4 yrs though.
Posted 07:39pm 13/4/12
Ive said it before but i really liked the last MOH's multiplayer. None of this perk bulls*** that dominates COD and i swear there was less rage worthy kills (like stupid melee knife from a 2m away).

Singleplayer was buggy and nothing special but i still enjoyed it.
Posted 09:09pm 13/4/12
Crakaveli, your not the only person. A complete COD rip off, sadly to reminisce that MOH came before COD.
Posted 10:58pm 13/4/12
best MOH was rising sun hands down.

Posted 11:01pm 13/4/12
Not even interested in the SP... only played ~20mins of the last one (reciently, just to see what its like). MP was were it was at, got hooked from the open beta weekend. Sure, it wasnt as fleshed out as BF/COD etc but it was hella fun.
Posted 12:56pm 14/4/12
Yeah that open beta was great. Played it for so long.

I like the killstreak score chain thing better than the over the top killstreak nonsense in COD. It was also good to have some choice and be able to support your team.

I hope even though this isn't DICE, that they have Rush mode, or whatever they called it. Combat Mission?
Posted 01:22pm 14/4/12
yeah the multiplayer was great for the reasons deadlydavo mentioned. it was just really gritty and felt realistic. bf3 did raise the bar though in all respects.

perks from cod turned me off that franchise totally.
Posted 01:45pm 14/4/12
I can't be the only person who's sick to death of these f*****g games..

starting to get over them myself.

I was gonna say this looks like BF3 then I read that it's using the same engine..

I'll quote myself again from previous MOH warfighter thread:

I've already been tricked into buying this pos game (the last MOH that gave you exclusive early beta access to BF3 which happened to be only 2 days earlier than the public beta)...

I actually just realised that if you preordered BF3, you got the early beta access anyway so wtf right there.
Posted 09:51am 15/4/12
A few years ago, we were all "omfg another ww2 game ffs" now its "omfg more modern combat ffs". Wouldn't it be nice if the games industry could try not to ram successful genres and concepts into the ground completely. Unfortunately since gaming has become so mainstream it seems like business as usual.
Posted 09:59am 15/4/12
I like every few months or 6 months or whatever have a new one of these kind of games

haha the people at EA must be very excited to know there are people like you around STOP TALKING AND TAKE MY MONEY

meh bf3 will have this covered
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