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Post by Eorl @ 10:45am 12/04/12 | 20 Comments
Hi-Rez Studios has announced today that Tribes: Ascend will be releasing tomorrow after a very successful open beta. A free-to-play FPS, the game offers fast paced combat with players "skiing" around in order to capture the opponent teams flag.
Tribes: Ascend is the world’s fastest shooter - a high-adrenaline, online multiplayer shooter with jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, and multiple classes. The classic franchise Tribes has been played by well over 1 million people. With Tribes: Ascend, the franchise is reborn - fast-paced, vertical, acrobatic combat combined with class-based teamwork and stunning sci-fi visuals.
So if your interested in going fast and shooting enemies with discs, then head over to the official website where you can sign up for an account.

Check out the trailer below showcasing the new gametype "Capture and Hold" as well as a new "Target Practice" feature, and a preview of Custom Servers, something that many gamers are eager to try out.

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Posted 12:15pm 12/4/12
This game is pay to win right?
Posted 12:20pm 12/4/12
You can unlock weapons and gear, but it seems as if just playing the game gives you quite a good number of features. I believe you can also earn in-game currency that lets you purchase stuff in the store.
Posted 12:22pm 12/4/12
This game is pay to win right?

I thought it was more along the lines of say LoL. Paying just gets you there quicker (and vanity unlocks) ... unless I'm mistaken.
Posted 12:28pm 12/4/12
Haven't fired it up in a while myself, but while you can unlock all the classes and perks and such you were looking at huge amounts of game time to do it. So it took an order of magnitude longer to unlock a class in tribes ascend than to unlock a 6300 champ or a set of quint runes in league of lag.

That might have changed though, as I said I haven't looked at it in a while.
Posted 12:39pm 12/4/12
Been playing for about a month and a half. It is my FPS of choice atm. Completely different to anything on PC.

Its not P2W at all in most cases. Everything in the game except cosmetic things (skins) can be bought with XP - you will never have to spend a cent. Though XP is slow to get if you never spend any money on the game. Some of the better weapons require a lot of xp so in that sense people who spent money will have them straight away while free players need to wait.

After playing with most of the weapons I think the default loadouts are good enough to go totally free with. I have a smurf account that's free and I top the score board most times.
Posted 12:49pm 12/4/12
This game is pay2have custom skins.

If you just spend 10$ you get double xp for life, and if your not s***, you can unlock s*** pretty quickly. Sure, if you want to unlock the planet straight away you can pay2do so.
Posted 01:03pm 12/4/12
Reddit has a useful upgrade analysis for those with gold.
Link to analysis

There is a list floating around of unlocks to avoid so you don't waste your xp/gold. Will post it if I find it.

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Posted 03:10pm 12/4/12
I totally planned on playing this but my upgrade never happened.
Posted 03:31pm 12/4/12
Looks great but waiting for Planetside 2.
Posted 03:36pm 12/4/12
This game is pay to win right?

I didnt think so. Straight into the game i was pwning alrite because i played Tribed 2 pretty heavily back in the day. Unlocks give you more stuff (more ammo, more nades, better nade explosion range etc) but the differences are like +10% which really doesnt make a massive difference.

Its more a matter if you wanna unlock the stuff and CBF clocking the hours necessary to do so.
Posted 05:44pm 12/4/12
This game is pay to win right?

Haha well kinda i guess in the sense that better weapons and armour make it easier.

I've been playing heaps lately and how it works is you need s*** loads of XP to unlock items eg:48k for some nice items and I earn approx 600 per game and I'm semi-decent I guess. If you dont wanna wait around you can buy GOLD for real cash and get items instantly. There are various gold and booster packs. Booster packs will double you XP for x amount of time.

Also they did have free 250 gold if you like em or something on Facebook. Good move if they still have it as it enabled me to get hte Spinfusor.

Oh and i forgot, if you purchase with real money you become a VIP member and gain an extra 50% XP. I put $10 into it because the game is a blast and well worth my money imo.
Posted 05:55pm 12/4/12
/sigh I've been avoiding this game because I knew I would become addicted and they go and do this.

Looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend.
Posted 09:43am 13/4/12
Posted 10:03am 13/4/12
Thanks for the link. Got my code and launched game and it reckons i need to restart the client in order to update the game. Done so twice and both times it says my version is up to date. WTF?
Posted 02:01pm 14/4/12
I'm having trouble even loading the game.

Signed up for an account.
Downloaded the files from (node user).
Downloaded the install from the official site.

Now the loader is just sitting on update.

What happened to the good old days where you'd download an installer, run it and then play?

Note: There's some problem connecting to the server, causing it to just "sit" on update.

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Posted 02:04pm 14/4/12
Yeah that isnt the installer, i downloaded that too, i think someone has just zipped up their install directory.

If you download the 12 meg installer from the tribes site it will work, only problem then is it has to download the whole game and isnt quota free. (At least i think it will work, i cbf waiting for it to "patch" 2.6 gigs)
Posted 03:20pm 14/4/12
The launcher has a repair function in the top right hand corner. Don't know if it will help but is worth a shot.
Posted 04:14pm 14/4/12

Doing what those posts said seems to work.
Posted 04:28pm 14/4/12
We also have a local download available on AusGamers if anyone is in need.
Posted 10:51pm 14/4/12
I am reso on there. Add me if anyone is playing.
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