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Post by Eorl @ 10:31am 12/04/12 | 7 Comments
Square Enix has today revealed a Professional Edition for Hitman Absolution, the next title in a long running series of the Hitman stealth/assassionation style games.

Featuring premium hardcover Art Book with a foreword from Game Director Tore Blystad, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes “making of” video, the Professional Edition is definitely looking as sharp as Agent 47.
Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition also includes advanced access to a range of in-game Agency Weapons, giving the Original Assassin a deadly edge over his enemies from the outset.

The Agency Jagd P22G pistol will suit the silent assassins, whilst the Agency HX UMP SMG and the Agency SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun will give Agent 47 the power to fight his foes head on.

Hitman: Absolution follows The Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.
You can check out the screenshot below showing off all the goods, and make sure you check out our game page where we have all the latest trailers and screenshots.

assassinhitman absolutionsquare enixprofessional edition
Buy now from ozgameshop.com Only AUD$13.49!
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:40am 12/4/12
Wow. What a f*****g s*** "collector's" edition that is. Dvd, book and some ingame guns. Oh yes, please take my $150. Jesus. And they make a big deal to show off the guns inside the hitman suitcase. Um hello? Did you just sleep through the brainstorming idea session for this? How could you not you put the game and all this stuff INSIDE a smaller replica suitcase?

If you are going to do a collector's edition you should do it right and make it expensive with something awesome in it.
Posted 11:44am 12/4/12

Parody version is better surprisingly.

edit: I cannot into image tags.
Posted 02:57pm 12/4/12
rofl AWESOME Pirroh.

That nails what DM is so upset about!
Posted 05:34pm 12/4/12
Whats sad, my console mate loves the free s*** he gets with preorders. Has a water pistol from bulletstorm he thinks is sweet. And he preorders from EB. Loser.
Posted 12:40am 13/4/12
lol Pirroh Agent 24? I forgot how much Sam Fisher and Jack Bauer are mirror characters :D
Also i agree with DM...give me a suitcase as the collectors edition with the add-on codes inside a false bottom maybe some of Agent 47's false passports :D...and the Tie!
Posted 01:53am 13/4/12
Yea I saw the case and thought it may actually be interesting, silly me.
Posted 02:44am 13/4/12
give me a suitcase as the collectors edition with the add-on codes inside a false bottom maybe some of Agent 47's false passports

I bought a CE of the PSP game DJ Max Portable 2 (unlike US CEs these were actually limited, like 5000 max) and 2 years later I dropped it by mistake, and the bottom piece of cardboard fell out and out dropped a bunch of papercraft stuff and mask that 1 of the character wears. I had no clue that was in there!

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