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Post by Dan @ 04:38am 12/04/12 | 15 Comments
After a slip up on EA's Origin store revealed boxart, platforms and pricing for a game called Crysis 3 was widely reported last night, the publisher has officially confirmed its existence, with promise of a proper reveal next Monday -- Tuesday here in Australia.
"The best kept secret in shooters just can't be contained. Stay tuned for more information on April 16,"
According to Verge, high-res concept art was also uncovered by internet sleuths, featuring the nanosuit clad warrior with the same compound bow seen in the boxart leak and indicating that there's probably going to be at least a little action from the John Rambo school of archery in this next outing.

Interestingly, the Origin site only listed entries for Xbox 360 and PC retail and a digital download version for PC, with PlayStation 3 notably absent. Whether this is because there's no PS3 version planned yet, or they just didn't screw that one up is unclear. Stay tuned for more details next Tuesday.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 12/4/12
Surely it won't be Crysis 3 already?

It'll be what Crysis Warhead was to Crysis... yeah?

Which is fine by me. After the missteps with Crysis 2 and DX11 ect. For this they'd surely get it sorted!

Anyway, more Crysis is good! Whatever form it takes.
Posted 11:46am 12/4/12
Never bothered with Crysis 2, will be interested to see reviews on this one.
Posted 12:33pm 12/4/12
^ same it just didnt have that crysis vibe.. the story was a mess and didnt lead on well from the first one.
Posted 12:47pm 12/4/12
i thought crysis2 was pretty good. looked awesome... had some really cool inner city maps.. just the aliens & the ai was crap. the ai was really crap... way too easy to fool. i'll be up for some crysis3 with archery :D
Posted 02:14pm 12/4/12
I'd like to see them go back to something closer to the first Crysis game. I liked Crysis 2, and it's really impressive visually, but the first game was much more enjoyable.
Posted 02:45pm 12/4/12
22nd century armour with 14th century weaponry, ALRIGHT!
Posted 02:52pm 12/4/12
the coolest bit in crysis was pieces of the mountain falling down revealing the spaceship underneath.
Posted 02:53pm 12/4/12
lol breno!

I enjoyed the 'sandbox' approach to the levels (ie attack the base/camp/group of soldiers however you wish OR even bypass them all together) in Crysis 1, but Crysis 2 was pretty damned epic. It partially replicated the 'freedom' of options when you were attacking, but also included a fairly tightly scripted plot and sequence of in-game effects.

Plus the engine was pretty f***** awesome (ran better than Crysis 1 on the same hardware).

I'm keen for Crysis 3, but I want it to continue the plot from the first one! it was a really decent cliff-hanger that the first one ended on, and Warhead and 2 didn't even touch upon it!
Posted 04:04pm 12/4/12
hopefully the levels are more of the sandbox style of Crysis 1 and the MP goes back to how it was in Crysis 1
Posted 04:50pm 12/4/12
(ran better than Crysis 1 on the same hardware).

That's because it didn't look as good, because consoles.

I never finished crysis 2, it just didn't hold me. Meh.
Posted 04:52pm 12/4/12
Thought the 'perks' thing in crysis 2 was awesome til i figured out there was only 1 in each line that i wanted.

And multiplayer sucked balls. Countless invis f*** running around with unlimited power hacks and also 400+ping f***wits on aus servers.

Overall though, the SP is one of few games i played thru til the end. Wasnt perfect but fun enough.
Posted 05:07pm 12/4/12
I enjoyed number two, a little too linear but was fairly good for a short single player game.
Posted 10:50pm 12/4/12
(ran better than Crysis 1 on the same hardware).

A big part of this is because the first game had way, way bigger environments, full of foliage. Crysis 2 wouldn't have run as well as it did if it had the same setting as the first game, though I'm sure it'd look better.
Posted 11:08pm 12/4/12
Aside from the immense f***-ups in the texture and dx11 department, the increasing linearity of the missions and absolutely banal, boring story that had no logical follow-on from the first, Crysis 2 was pretty epic...

But the original Crysis was a masterpiece.
Posted 04:14pm 13/4/12
Well I quite enjoyed Crysis 2. I was all, "how dare they, console port" raging on the internet ect. However I actually ended up really enjoying the single player. I've played it through a couple of times.

Yes while more linear, it still gave you way more freedom than most FPS do these day. Like BF3 and COD. When you replay it, you notice it gives you more choice on how to play than you remember.

Also in terms of graphics, it is pretty damn amazing the amount of detail on screen.

I read elsewhere this is set in the future when new york is in ruins and over grown. So it's a city/jungle setting. I bet it's something like, someone game across the power suit, put it on and that's what it'll be.

MP could have been good. But the latency and hackers ruined it. It also looked blurry compared to main game.
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