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Post by Dan @ 02:52pm 11/04/12 | 12 Comments
Press that attended Capcom's 2012 Captivate event in Rome recently were able to get the first look at Resident Evil 6 in action. Unfortunately we weren't among them, but we do have the next best things: a release date and a new trailer. The game has now been earmarked to ship globally on October 2nd 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the PC version "to follow".
Resident Evil 6 portrays a world where an escalation in bioterrorist attacks across the globe has led to widespread fear among the population. In an attempt to quell the panic and curb the bioterrorist activity the President of the United States has decided to speak to the nation but not before the very location of the address itself comes under attack. With the President’s safety compromised the situation for the rest of the world seems hopeless.
You can watch the dreamy Leon S. Kennedy in action in today's new trailer embedded below (or here for the HD video page), which features near-on three-minutes of what appears to be in-engine cut-scene footage and possibly some gameplay.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:13pm 11/4/12
Anyone know what is the 20th November 2012 date in the trailer for if the release date is 2nd October? PC version date?

last edited by RUSTA at 16:13:52 11/Apr/12
Posted 04:32pm 11/4/12
There were two things that I hope they improved in RE6 which prevented me from finishing RE5:

1. Terrible, terrible controls (esp on console). I spent more time struggling to aim and shoot than enjoying the game.
2. Awfully low FOV on the PC version. I couldn't play more than 5 minutes at a time due to nausea.
Posted 04:43pm 11/4/12
I thought the controls were perfect in RE5. Definitely my favourite coop game on xbox.

Can't wait for this.
Posted 04:58pm 11/4/12
Another huge fan of RE5. Never found any issues with the controls on the Xbox.
Posted 05:50pm 11/4/12
Anyone know what is the 20th November 2012 date in the trailer for if the release date is 2nd October? PC version date?
Was the original console date. They've brought it forward.
Posted 06:18pm 11/4/12
I wonder if it's gonna come to wii u too? Bit disappointing that they didn't at least announce it was coming for the platform.
Posted 06:38pm 11/4/12
Was the original console date. They've brought it forward.

Thanks for the info. Strange that both dates are at the end of the trailer though.
Posted 08:18pm 11/4/12
so anyone gonna buy the $1000 collector's edition?
Posted 08:30pm 11/4/12
1293 US Dollars to be exact. I think I'll give it a miss

That's got to be some special leather jacket right there :)

last edited by RUSTA at 20:30:16 11/Apr/12
Posted 09:30pm 11/4/12
Oh hey, look at that, Capcom milking money out of people. Never saw that one coming.
Posted 09:37pm 11/4/12
does the leather jacket come on the disc?
Posted 09:42pm 11/4/12
Yeah, you get the jacket, but there will be a couple of Day 1 DLC codes you can buy to unlock the sleeves and the pockets.
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