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Post by Eorl @ 01:20pm 11/04/12 | 5 Comments
It seems EA and Bioware have sneaked through that the latest Game Update 1.2 is expected to hit Australian shores tomorrow (thanks Hogfather), adding a range of new features and content. Among some of the bigger features will be a new Flashpoint, Legacy System and UI Customisation.
Game Update 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, 'Legacy', brings a wide range of new content to the game. This includes a new Flashpoint on the planet of Ord Mantell, a new Warzone and Operation set on the planet of Denova, and a number of new systems as well. You can look forward to Guild Banks, a Combat Log, User Interface customization and the next evolution of the Legacy system!
The update is set to take place from 3:01PM AEST and will last up until 11PM AEST, however things may change if they run into problems. Currently no word has been said on whether the long-awaited server transfers will be available after the update, but if news comes about, make sure to keep an eye on AusGamers.

You can head over to the official patch notes to check out all the juicy details that Game Update 1.2 is bringing or drop in on this forum thread to hook up with the AusGamers SWTOR community.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:56pm 11/4/12
No it's not tonight it's tomorrow....

Date: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 (See PDT timing below)

Time: 12:01AM CDT (April 11th, 10:01PM PDT/1:01AM EDT/6:01AM BST/7:01AM CEST/3:01PM AEST) until 8AM CDT (6AM PDT/9AM EDT/2PM BST/3PM CEST/11PM AEST)

11 April 10:01PM PDT = 3:01PM AEST 12 April which is Thursday.

If you don't know how to figure out timezones here is a link;

Posted 02:05pm 11/4/12
Ah thanks Hurricane, fixed!
Posted 03:08pm 11/4/12
I unsubbed from swtor and I'm waiting for the transfers to come up, if they dont open soon i wont be coming back to the game even if they do open it.
Posted 03:32pm 11/4/12
Yeah, I'm kinda starting to feel the same way. I mean, I want to play their game, but they're not making it easy for me :(
Posted 04:18pm 11/4/12
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