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Post by Eorl @ 12:02pm 10/04/12 | 31 Comments
NCSoft have released a new trailer today showcasing the Collectors Edition and all it's goodies for the upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2. While some may feel like boxed copies are becoming an endangered species in the wake of digital orders, incentives like a 10-inch tall miniature figuring of Rytlock Brimstone are certainly helping them stay relevant.
The centrepiece of the Collector’s Edition is a detailed, hand-painted 25 centimetre statue of the bestial warrior Rytlock Brimstone wielding his signature flaming sword.

Along with the Rytlock statue, players will receive a custom frame with five stunning Guild Wars 2 art prints from world-renowned artists, a 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book, a Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule and five in-game items, including a Mistfire Wolf that will fight alongside players and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany them on their travels through Tyria.
While the collectors edition is retailing only in brick and mortar stores (and at an RRP of AU$199.95), if you don't feel like taking up precious shelf room, NCSoft are offering digital-download versions on their online store. A Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for purchase, with any pre-order of Guild Wars 2 offering full beta access up until release.

Speaking of Pre-orders, those waiting to open their wallets are in for some good news, as according to Guild Wars 2's official Twitter account, pre-purchases of the game are expected later this afternoon.
Everybody - we love your excitement, but as a reminder: we are talking about April 10th Seattle time. :) ^MK
This equates to around 6PM AEST for East Coast Australians.

Check out the trailer below showing off the goodies available in the Collectors Edition (or watch it in our HD video library), and check out AusGamers Closed Beta impressions earlier this year. As always, you can check out our game page where we have all the latest screenshots and news at your fingertips.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:05pm 10/4/12
Buy it from GMG with the Ausgamers partner referral thing!
Posted 12:31pm 10/4/12
With the exception of the statue, making of book and CD the rest of it is complete crap and really not worth the cash they are asking for it. The in game stuff being of limited use means that once youve used it all up your no better off than another other punter that paid less than half the money.

Id rather get the basic and use the money I could of spent on the CE to buy a whole other game in the future.
Posted 12:43pm 10/4/12
Anyone 'pre-purchsed' from an EB store at all? Seems as if they don't know anything about it.
Posted 12:48pm 10/4/12
I'd be careful buying it from GMG.

Depending on the region they sell it for you might not be able to log in (Australia is defaulted to the NA region, if they're selling Euro versions you won't be able to play)
Posted 12:54pm 10/4/12
Spitfire, regions are just being used for purchase, you can access both EU and NA with one account.
Posted 12:59pm 10/4/12
Anyone 'pre-purchsed' from an EB store at all? Seems as if they don't know anything about it.
Digital preorders only open today, so I wouldn't be surprised if traditional retailers don't know anything about it for a while yet.

The official AU PR press release only mentioned "select retailers", not any specific stores yet.
Posted 01:16pm 10/4/12
Dan, fair point. I just rang my local EB to see what was going on, they said they only had a pre-order option, though the beta keys were on the way and you'd have to return to the store to pick them up. Looks like it's a lot easier just to purchase as a digital copy through NC Soft.
Posted 01:31pm 10/4/12
Eorl. Yes you can access both regions after you're logged in but if you buy an EU version, move to the US and try to log in, you can't. It's region locked in that sense.

They've also mentioned if you're not in EU or NA (So Australia/Japan etc) you're defaulted to the NA region which means if you move to the EU you can't play.

So. If you buy an EU version online, you won't be able to log in in Australia.
Posted 04:06pm 10/4/12
Wouldn't that just mean you're defaulted to playing on NA servers, and can't get on EU servers (or vice versa) not that it completely locks you out if you're not in that region? Seems kind of stupid if it locks you out completely.
Posted 04:07pm 10/4/12
Green Man Gaming identifies the region you're buying from. If you end up having problems with the regions, it'd be their fault for giving you the wrong key, and so they'd sort it out for you. I've dealt with their customer service before, they're pretty good.
Posted 04:30pm 10/4/12
Eorl. Yes you can access both regions after you're logged in but if you buy an EU version, move to the US and try to log in, you can't. It's region locked in that sense.They've also mentioned if you're not in EU or NA (So Australia/Japan etc) you're defaulted to the NA region which means if you move to the EU you can't play.So. If you buy an EU version online, you won't be able to log in in Australia.

This all seems very convoluted, so you mean you have to log in from the region of the version you bought to pick a server region?
Posted 04:21pm 10/4/12
Yeah what your saying spitfire makes no sense. NCSoft have said that if you buy from either region, you can still log in to the other region. So if I buy NA, I can then go into EU servers, similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Source : http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World
Posted 04:37pm 10/4/12
I'm talking about exactly that first question on the mmosite link

The first post:

Is my copy of Guild Wars 2 tied to my region?

Yes. To play from North America you must purchase a North American copy of the game. To play from Europe you must purchase a European copy of the game. Note that this restriction impacts where you can play from, not which game worlds you can choose to play on.

If GMG were to give you a euro version/key of the game you would potentially have issues playing it in Australia because our region is defaulted to NA and not EU.
Posted 06:10pm 10/4/12
It's up for order on the official site now. Nothing on Green Man Gaming yet though.
Posted 07:00pm 10/4/12
Have to wait until after tomorrow to pre-purchase, damn buying a car.
Posted 07:36pm 10/4/12
Doesn't really matter, there's no rush. The next beta weekend hasn't been announced yet (though it's supposed to be later this month), and it's not like they're going to run out of digital keys.
Posted 07:51pm 10/4/12
GreenManGaming is starting to sell - not available in our region though.
Posted 09:52pm 10/4/12
I just bought the basic game about an hour ago and am now waiting to be sent the download link. I looked at the DDE but seriously couldnt justify the extra 20 bucks for it.
Posted 10:26pm 10/4/12
Download link? There's no download yet, they haven't even announced when the next beta is.
Posted 10:31pm 10/4/12
I recieved two emails when i purchased the game the second email was them telling me they will send a third email containing the download link for the client.
Posted 10:49pm 10/4/12
Ha, teaches me for always skipping the first few lines of emails when I'm skimming them. Totally missed that.
Posted 11:14pm 10/4/12
To be fair it is a small link and easily missed. I am just glad they did it that way unlike some other games in the past that for some stupid reason have the client download stashed in some obscure place.
Posted 11:21pm 10/4/12
is there a cut off date for pre purchases??? just wondering....
Posted 11:34pm 10/4/12
Release I guess?
Posted 12:03am 11/4/12
ohh right so they gonna do this right through to release ok thats good thank you!!
Posted 01:22am 11/4/12
The next beta weekend is towards the end of this month.
Posted 02:23am 11/4/12
Just pre-ordered through their site. Don't see the appeal for the additional stuff so I just got me the standard edition. I can't see the attraction in the $200 version for this game.

But what was this about US copies only being playable inside the US? Why would they let me buy it since it had australia automatically selected from the country menu? I didn't just burn $60 did I?

last edited by DM at 02:23:42 11/Apr/12
Posted 07:58am 11/4/12
Nah Australia is defaulted to US, the worry apparently is if you get the Euro version of the game you won't be able to play on the US servers or some s***.
Posted 08:17am 11/4/12
You get to play on US servers, but not the US version of the game. So different languages and different support centre is what I'm reading.
Posted 08:39am 11/4/12
As I understand things it will probably work like this:

US Datacentre:
Firewall restricted, people from set european IP ranges cannot log in. Everyone in the US, Canada or anywhere else not in the euro ranges log in here. And when you buy a US copy, it connects to the NA servers by default (and Australian's are given NA copies by default from retailers and the online store).

European Datacentre:
People from Euro regions can log in here. You buy an EU copy of GW2, and it connects to the Euro servers by default. You can't log in to the NA servers directly from anywhere in the EU.

I'm guessing it will be work like guild wars in that after you have connected, you can then choose which server instance (european or NA) you play on - they've said you can play with your friends in EU or NA cross region after you have logged in. But you initially authenticate/patch/character select via your home region.

They're likely to firewall certain IP ranges in China, HK, Singapore etc where gold sellers and scammers were previous offenders in the original Guild Wars (and maybe known ones from other NCSoft titles) as well (unecessary obvious conjecture on my part here).

Apparently they are looking at doing something for people who travel between regions - I'm thinking an option in your NCsoft account with some kind of confirmation system to switch between them.

That's how I see things being set up. I don't know why the decided to complicate things this way, though I'd guess it's all to do with regional pricing and pressure from sales partners to stop people importing the game cross region.
Posted 10:10am 11/4/12
Ah fair enough so i'm safe then. Phew. Can't wait to play this bad boy.
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