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Post by Dan @ 11:12am 10/04/12 | 9 Comments
Publisher Atlus have released some new screenshots from the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG, offering a glimpse at the in-game depiction of the iconic port city of King's Landing.

Following the huge success of the HBO TV series, France-baesd Cyanide Studios is the developer that is tackling the herculean task of meeting the lofty expectations of Game of Thrones, and you can find out more about their recreations of other landmark Westeros locations over on the official site.

Game of Thrones is due on May 15th 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

game of thronesscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:56am 10/4/12
No PC?

Someone console me, I'm gutted :(
Posted 12:01pm 10/4/12
They're European, of course there's PC. Whether it will be worth it after that GoT RTS they did (although it was a different dev team at the same studio) is the real question though.
Posted 12:10pm 10/4/12
oh s*** misread that somehow?

wasted my console joke :(
Posted 06:59pm 10/4/12
Looks terrible anyway.
Posted 10:35pm 10/4/12
They so should have got paradox to use crusader kings ii engine and make it into a game of thrones dynasty game. It's pretty much what most of the books are about anyhow. I can't see this one being any good.
Posted 08:53am 11/4/12
Some of the art work makes great wallpaper.
Posted 09:35am 11/4/12
agree with shaexen... looks s***house.

i've been playing rage lately & it looks so much better.
Posted 10:09am 11/4/12
wow those graphics are disappointing
Posted 10:58am 11/4/12
i absolutely make fun of people who buy star wars stuff because hey they love star wars even though george lucas is the worst. george martin, you're my george lucas i hate you and myself for the fact that i will play this game despite the fact that it looks like absoulte f*****g garbage.
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