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Post by Dan @ 01:49pm 06/04/12 | 9 Comments
As expected, a whole stack of consumer-friendly news came out CD Projekt RED and's live-streamed Spring Conference today, but none of the announcements were as quite as surprising as Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition and Heroes of Might and Magic V finding their way to the staunchly DRM-free store.

With ubisoft's track-record of burdening their PC customers with some of the most intrusive copy-protection methods, it seems unfathomable that they would be the first major publisher to dip their toes into the waters of the incredibly customer-focused maverick Eastern European digital distributor that is Yet here they are, and even if it is with a pair of four-year-old games, at least it's a start.

Better still is that there are signs of more to come, with GOG's announcement signaling this as the start of of a greater "Premium Edition newer games" initiative.
You can expect immersing and unique gameplay experience dressed to kill now on Bundled into a Premium Edition with more than 250 minutes of soundtracks, an official artbook, wallpapers, avatars, design sketches, and more, its full price is $19.99, but you pick it up for a limited time together with our Heroes of Might and Magic V Bundle on a special introductory buy one, get one free sale!
Lets hope for more bigger and newer games to come.

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Posted 02:11pm 06/4/12
Fallout is also currently free there too.
Posted 02:31pm 06/4/12
I purchased a copy of Heros of Might and Magic through steam on launch.

Had problems logging in.
Logged service call, 3 months of horror.
Logged a complaint with UBISOFT, 1 month of horror.
Logged a ACCC / Fair trading complaint with UBISOFT Australia
Ubisoft Australia, 2 days later sent me a brand new boxed copy of Heroes of Might and Magic which I can now play.

I purchased a copy of settlers, boxed copy.

UBISOFT servers were down for 48 hours over a weekend, I wasn't able to play at all during the whole weekend because their auth server was down.

This Ubisoft DRM is getting out of f*****g control.

What really pisses me off is during a LAN i went to show my mate HOMM (after 5 months not being able to play it) and the server was down so couldn't. Meanwhile another bloke in the room LANing with us pulls up his ripped/cracked copy and away he goes playing.

F*** THAT.
Posted 02:49pm 06/4/12
So conflicted! Great games...want to support GOG... don't want to support Ubisoft...

Hell, buying shoots a few dollars GOG's way and it could send Ubisoft a message that they'll get people to buy if there's no stupid phone home schemes (unlikely, but ok whatever).
Count me in!
Posted 03:34pm 06/4/12
About time. I would by Assassins Creed but so cbf buying a game from 2008.
Posted 03:37pm 06/4/12
Gamer that's why I buy the game, and then get the cracked auth server
Posted 03:54pm 06/4/12
About time. I would by Assassins Creed but so cbf buying a game from 2008.

Lol, it's odd to hear 2008 talked about like it's some ancient time. I still remember the 90s when the year 2001 was the far off distant future where anything was possible.
Posted 05:27pm 06/4/12
Heh, it was actually a November 2007 title. Said 4 year old in the OP because it's still closer to 4 than 5.
Posted 05:32pm 06/4/12
It didn't get released on PC until April 2008 anyway.
Posted 05:58pm 06/4/12
One thing that I will give the AC franchise, is seemingly unparalled graphics and city streaming/viewing technology. It may be from 08, but I can't think of another game that beats it on visual tech. It puts the tiny instanced towns of say Skyrim to shame.

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