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Post by Dan @ 09:11am 05/04/12 | 13 Comments
We know that so-called kickstarter-fatigue has already well and truly settled in for many of you, as more independent developers come out cap-in-hand promising us great niche concepts that mainstream publishers deem to high-risk, but here's a new one that's pretty hard to ignore.

Acclaimed strategy-RPG developer -- of both the video game and pen and paper variety -- Jordan Weisman of FASA Interactive, Mechwarrior and Shadownrun fame has taken to Kickstarter with the team at Hairbrained Schemes with the goal of bringing a new 2D tactical Shadowrun offering to the world.
Shadowrun Returns (for Apple & Android tablets and PCs) is the game that Shadowrun fans have been waiting for a long time. A graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat, Shadowrun Returns is not only going to make some old geeks (like us) very happy but it will introduce new players to a dynamic gaming universe that is beloved around the world.
Judging by the progress so far -- it's already half way there after only a few hours -- this particular project is not going to have any trouble raising it's modest $400,000 goal, but pledging now will still net you a pre-order for a DRM-free digital copy of the game when it eventually materialises.

Watch the pledge video below for a detailed explanation of their intentions, including their commitment to releasing complete user-content creation support alongside the game and acknowledgement that the 2007 Shadowrun first person shooter was not the game that fans wanted.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:28am 05/4/12
Hell. Yes.
Posted 09:31am 05/4/12
I'd settle for a remake of the SNES game.
Posted 09:34am 05/4/12
yeh was gonna say, this reminds me of a really old snes or sega game which I'd forgotten all about
Posted 09:55am 05/4/12
backed it.
Posted 10:15am 05/4/12
Interesting that all the Kickstarter games, particularly the bigger name ones are all harping they are DRM-Free.

Well it is to me anyway, and I'm glad for it.
Posted 10:36am 05/4/12
turn based, meh
Posted 11:33am 05/4/12
turn based, meh

most of the time i'd agree but if they're developing for tablet as well, i'd much prefer turn based.

I was actually trying to think of this game the other day. I'd be pretty chuffed if this gets made.
Posted 12:42pm 05/4/12
I miss the old turn based stuff, I'd love more of it. Bring back Master of Orion and Master of Magic while you're at it, and some more turn based Heroes of Might and Magic, and then give me a good tactics game for 3DS.

Maybe I'm just getting old and slow, but I much more enjoy the turn based type strategy over RTS these days.
Posted 12:43pm 05/4/12

I am uber excited about this - I LOVE shadowrun for the genesis, man that game was really what got me into rpgs!!!!! And darn right they should be sorry for the 2007 windows vers.. talk about jumping on the OMGFPS train! Uck

Man this will be good!
Posted 01:12pm 05/4/12
...and then give me a good tactics game for 3DS.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. Julian Gollop (the guy behind Chaos, Rebelstar, Laser Squad, and X-COM) worked on it.
Posted 01:28pm 05/4/12
Oh yeah, I have Shadow Wars, its quite good. I meant a game in the actual "tactics" series though, how they've had Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre and all those sorts of game.

But yeah, the Tom Clancy one is sweet, probably the game I've played most on my 3DS :)
Posted 01:45pm 05/4/12
fuuuuuck two people have signed up at $10k or more...

Previous rewards + Mike Mulvihill, who led Shadowrun game development at FASA Corp., will COME TO YOUR TOWN TO RUN A TABLETOP GAME OF SHADOWRUN FOR YOU AND FIVE OF YOUR FRIENDS. (He'll even buy some snacks.)
Posted 09:09pm 05/4/12
This looks great, but what I really want is a remake of his Battletech games.

Alas, the chances of that happening are slim to none...
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