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Post by Dan @ 08:40am 05/04/12 | 3 Comments
Madrid-based Spanish studio MercuryStream have been fondly-regarded as the studio that finally lifted Konami's iconic Castlevania series back out of decades of hand-held obscurity with 2010's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. So couple of years on, it's encouraging to hear the first rumblings that we might be getting more of Gabriel Belmont in those fantastic gothic environments with a telling tweet from Konami Producer and Euro studio head David Cox:
Today and tomorrow I am in the land of Dracul... What am I doing there?? You will see.... :)
It's subtle, but hey, we'll take what we can get. Hopefully he's not just talking about the novelty restuarant franchise.

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Posted 11:51am 05/4/12
the studio that finally lifted Konami's iconic Castlevania series back out of decades of mediocrity with 2010's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Quite the opposite - the Castlevania games had gathered a devoted following on DS with a series of excellent platformers, then Lords of Shadow came along and tried to turn the series into God of War. If anything, Lords of Shadow plunged the series back into mediocrity by being a shallow imitation of a better game with none of the elements that made Castlevania special. I thought it was a pretty unwelcome change in direction.
Posted 01:47pm 05/4/12
Tell us what you really think eski!

I'd settle for a 2d platform Metroid sequel... the GBA ones were awesome.
Posted 01:52pm 05/4/12
Fair call. It's probably not fair to call the various ds and gba games mediocre because they were all mostly well-reviewed. Lords of Shadow was definitely a very different direction, but it also undoubtedly brought the series back to triple-A status.
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