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Post by Dan @ 02:10pm 04/04/12 | 10 Comments
Following the PlayStation 3 and PC updates before it, the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 has now also finally received the latest patch, adding that big swag of balance tweaks and bringing the option of dedicated server rentals to the console for the first time.

Most seasoned PC first person shooter players will be familiar with server rentals -- and the PC version of Battlefield 3 has supported rentals since launch -- but given that most console-bound shooters generally have players unwittingly hosting everyone in a match from their often choked and laggy home connections this is a somewhat alien concept in that space.

To walk PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 players through the process, DICE and EA have released this instructional video. Watch it below or click here to jump to our HD video library.

battlefield 3trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:17pm 04/4/12
Anyone know how much it costs for the server rentals?

I'm on PC but just curious.
Posted 02:23pm 04/4/12
Prepare to have you server browser lists infested with random user-rented servers.

One of the server rental options on Playstation 3 is $99 for 3 months.
Posted 02:34pm 04/4/12
1 DAY $1.49 USD (120 MSP)
7 DAYS $6.99 USD (560 MSP)
30 DAYS $24.99 USD (2000 MSP)
90 DAYS $59.99 USD (4800 MSP)

Can't wait til they ditch MS points.
Posted 08:36pm 04/4/12
As cool as the server rental feature may be, the PC patch killed this game for me (and my regular playing friends).

They destroyed things like tank durabilty, not to mention the fact that you can now spray and pray with maximum success!

O well, come on May 15!
Posted 09:48pm 04/4/12
Explain to me why spray and prey now equals max success, I've only played a little bit post patch.
Posted 10:00pm 04/4/12
it doesn't really

each weapon still has its own capabilities and short and long range.

There is always going to be whingers
Posted 11:23pm 04/4/12
@Trauma @paveway The recoil was tweaked.
Posted 10:03am 05/4/12
LOL You CANT spray and pray anymore because all guns have added recoil... what game are you playing hanger?????
Posted 10:45am 05/4/12
Posted 12:55pm 05/4/12
@kirkoswald No, less recoil. The point I was TRYING to make is that heavy machine guns have LESS recoil which means it's EASIER to hit targets from FAR AWAY. Hope that spells it out a bit better. Sorry, next time I will try to keep it more simple.

I'm playing BF3, thought that was clear?
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