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Post by Eorl @ 11:18am 04/04/12 | 9 Comments
Funcom has today announced that their latest modern-day MMO The Secret World, is now available for pre-orders. Like most MMO's these days, the biggest pre-order incentive is the beta access, and gamers will be happy to know that Funcom are offering guranteed access to all pre-orders with Beta Weekends beginning May 11, 2012.
The Secret World puts players into a modern-day world where every myth, legend and conspiracy theory is true, and where secret societies pull the strings of entire governments from the shadows. Players get to travel the world – from New York to London and from Egypt to Transylvania – as they fight the evil that has infiltrated myths and folklore for centuries.

Gamers who pre-order The Secret World will receive:
  • Guaranteed access to all Beta Weekends starting May 11, with the ability to carry over their characters to every subsequent event
  • Guaranteed Early Access to the game, up to four days prior to the game’s official launch
  • An exclusive in-game item providing an experience boost to progression
  • An exclusive in-game t-shirt featuring a unique monster design
  • A powerful pet (Ferocious Wolf, Egyptian Cat or Loyal Hound) to support the player in combat
  • A head start on character naming before the game launches
If your still sitting on the fence about The Secret World and what it has to offer, check out the pre-order trailer below, as well as AusGamers recent interview with Joel Bylos who is Lead Content Developer on the massive project. You can also check out our game page which has all the latest trailers and news.

The Secret World will be available July 19th, 2012 for PC.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:26am 04/4/12
Well s***... Just shut up and take my damn money!

Lets hope they actually finish the game before launching this time though...
Posted 12:57pm 04/4/12
$200 for a life time membership umm I'll beta test it first.
Posted 04:37pm 04/4/12
Posted 04:58pm 04/4/12
Bam! Lifetime membership activated.
Posted 05:04pm 04/4/12
Is it a concern that they have servers based on New York only? The ping time difference between here and the West Coast is tolerable for most MMOs, but having to connect back to the West Coast would be even more painful.

Is anyone in the beta able to talk about it yet? Or is it all closed still?
Posted 05:10pm 04/4/12
There is talks of local servers in the recent interview that Steve did, however at the moment I doubt the ping would be hugely different compared to WoW.
Posted 06:59pm 04/4/12
I'm trying to think of an MMO that's offered lifetime subs and been good. Coming up blank, any help?
Posted 07:11pm 04/4/12
I'm trying to think of an MMO that's offered lifetime subs and been good. Coming up blank, any help?

I really enjoyed lord of the rings online. If I had mates that played it, I would have kept playing.
Posted 07:20pm 04/4/12
I only subbed to LotR for a month and even then only because it had instruments you could play manually with the number keys.
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