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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:46am 03/04/12 | 6 Comments
Take this one with a grain of salt, but WiiUDaily has apparently been leaked information through an email that was circulated among employees at a videogame retailer in Tokyo, Japan.

The email pinpoints a launch window for Nintendo's new home console of November 18 for the US, and a week later for Japan. Nintendo's current home console, the Wii, was also launched in the US in November on the 19th, and made its way to Japan two weeks later, and the rest of the world three weeks later, giving at least some credence to the report.

Either way, we'll likely know all the major details this June at E3, and once again AusGamers will be on-site, so stay tuned for more details as they become available.

As a talking point, how many of you are considering picking the Wii U up?

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:29pm 03/4/12
i hope it's true.
Posted 12:58pm 03/4/12
I'll pick it up, maybe not on release date, unless it has some good launch titles. I found that was what the wii was lacking, but hey if there is something like mario, zelda or a Monster Hunter, then ill will be the first person lining up :)
Posted 01:03pm 03/4/12
There is a Monster Hunter online game over in japan. Capcom must have a crippling fear of money and adoring fans since they won't released it outside of japan. Sad panda.

I played twilight princess on my wii, finished it in a week and then my wii sat in a cupboard for the rest of it's life span until i soft modded it. If Wii U has no good launch titles it will be boring as hell
Posted 03:24pm 03/4/12
Apparently the Wii U will be AS powerful at current gen consoles.......Why is Nintendo always behind? We all know GFX don't make the game but it does help with immersion and just eye candy.

If they want to attract hardcore audiences to the Wii U they will need to get some good hardware capable of running the next gen console games which I imagine will look good. Otherwise they will be stuck with not so great special Wii U versions of the proper PC and Xbox and Sony games.
Posted 03:29pm 03/4/12
I'll be waiting for the launch lineup. The lineup for the 3DS was rather poor, but was justifiable to buy because we knew Zelda wasn't far off. Wii had Twilight Princess, so was worth getting. Games make the console, not hardware - just look at Dreamcast.
Posted 06:36pm 03/4/12
BladeRunner, the Wii was the only system that was less powerful than it's competitors. I didn't really think this was news. Nintendo has always stated they needed to get the console out this year. I know they are known for pushing things back, but I wouldn't think they could afford to with this, and Iwata basically admitting how he had failed the company. I think THIS time they really do have to pull out all stops to win back the hardcore gamers. E3 will be very interesting.
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