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Post by Dan @ 09:36am 03/04/12 | 11 Comments
Tim Schaffer and Double Fine's success in funding a brand new classic point-and-click adventure game entirely from citizens of the Internet has encouraged other niche-genre developers to try their own hand at crowd-sourced funding and today yet another adventure game classic has crawled back out of the gutter.

Replay Games and a contingent of the series' original developers, including Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, Sabine Duvall, and Leslie Balfour want to remake the classic Leisure Suit Larry In the Land of the Lounge Lizzards for the game's 25th anniversary, and if successful, continue remaking the rest.

The funding goal is $500,000 and off to a flying start. The main draws for the project are firstly that Larry's creator Al Lowe has come out of retirement and that the indie studio holds the license to make them at all.

Ignoring the more recent licensed efforts that featured Larry's supposed nephew or clone or whatever, the Replay Games team only recognise the first seven games in the series and plan to start with a remake of Larry 1 with "ultra-high res graphics", a modern interface, fully voice characters and support for mobile devices.

Should the project raise more than it's goal, further intentions are to provide French, Italian, German and Spanish localisations, an orchestral soundtrack and more platform support that includes consoles, Mac and even Kindle Fire.

If you want to get in on this one, head on over to kickstarter.

leisure suit larrykickstarter

Latest Comments
Posted 07:48pm 03/4/12
For anyone who's played any of the games, head over and check out the little 'sales pitch' video, it's pretty good.

An interesting little factoid about LSL1's 'financial success' too :P
Posted 08:08pm 03/4/12
f*** yea lol nice timing so we should get the full uncensored version. looking forward to it
Posted 08:16pm 03/4/12

Posted 08:29pm 03/4/12
yeah alright did the $15 one

(someone remind me when it's out to track the download down)

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Posted 08:25pm 03/4/12
sweet pledged my $15 :)

Thanks for the heads up!
Posted 08:44pm 03/4/12
I chimed in with $15 too.

I know they remade LSL1 DJ, but apparently dependant on the success of this they will apparently remake the whole series (not including 'Magna Cum Lauda' or the latest one).

I recall LSL6 and LSL7 being bloody good games for their time. It'd be interesting to see if they just 'remake' these games or try and modernise the humor at all.
Posted 10:05pm 03/4/12
Will they update the built in age detector though? I seriously hope not as thanks to leisure suit larry I am all up to speed on 70's and 80's american politics and couldn't give a stuff about politics today. If they update those questions i'm boned... well there is the power of the google I suppose :P
Posted 08:48am 04/4/12
Funny, but they stopped using the age verified a while back in LSL.
Posted 01:16pm 19/4/12
I really thought this would have reached it's funding goal in the first week, and then surpassed it. Still not there yet.
Posted 01:38pm 19/4/12
Back when they realised that kids have already seen more by the age of 13 than Larry would ever include?
Posted 02:59am 26/4/12
This just hit $500k so it looks like we have the remake on the way.
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