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Post by Dan @ 08:47am 02/04/12 | 10 Comments
It was looking doubtful there for a while, but Christian Allen and the Serellan team have passed the $200,000 mark required to fund their kickstarter project Takedown -- a promised "hardcore tactical shooter" in the vein of the classic Rainbow Six and SWAT Games before those franchises turned towards the mainstream.
TAKEDOWN is a thinking-person’s shooter. The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing. Close-quarters battle brings the fight inside, as you would see SWAT teams or SOF units taking down small numbers of dangerous adversaries. Non-linear environments allow for multiple routes and tactics and add replayability. The operation to bring down Osama Bin Laden is the perfect example of the type of scenario you will experience in TAKEDOWN.

You will plan your insertions and routes before going into the scenario, outfitting your teammates with weapons and equipment of your choosing, and then execute the mission. If one of your team members is killed, they are gone, and you have lost their valuable experience, so you have to be careful!
Allen claims to have a contingent of like-minded developers ready to roll from studios including Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment, Bungie and more, with a heritage that includes the likes of Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, World of Tanks and every Halo game, however their names have yet to be disclosed, supposedly due to "contract negotiations".

Congratulations to Christian and the team for making it over the line. Now they all they have to do is develop a game that meets their financier's expectations (I cringed a little just writing that). Best of luck with that!


Latest Comments
Posted 08:54am 02/4/12
F*** YEA! That last week with much improved PR really surged. Now, we wait.
Posted 09:55am 02/4/12
$15 donation gets you a digital copy of the game. Pretty easy to signup and pay through amazon. 10 minutes left. $221,508
pledged so far.
Posted 10:00am 02/4/12
Will wait and see. If its like Swat or rainbow six ill happily buy it.
Posted 10:10am 02/4/12
Well done on them getting to their goal, but sounds like they have quite a daunting task ahead of them, making an FPS that can compete with modern day FPS games on a $200,000 budget
Posted 10:12am 02/4/12
What will the $200,000 be used for?

$200,000 will bring TAKEDOWN to Alpha. Private investors are lined up, but unsure of the market for an old-school tac shooter. A successful Kickstarter campaign will convince them that this is a viable market. Along with their investment, pre-sales of the game (A $15 Kickstarter pledge is a significant discount on the final game price) will also contribute to completion of the project. Kickstarters will have access to a closed Alpha.
Posted 10:32am 02/4/12
Ah, that makes sense then, thought they'd be struggling a bit to do the whole thing on $200k
Posted 01:03pm 02/4/12
I find it interesting that game companies these days just don't make the games we all want (at least on PC), so when someone has some idea like this, we literally throw our money at it in hope of a return to the glory days.
Posted 01:15pm 02/4/12
Developers require the funding before they can build a project. This is what the publisher/investors usually do, allowing them to pay people to make a game.
Posted 01:18pm 02/4/12
Publishers are stuck with the fact that they must minimise risk. Making a game based on a successful franchise greatly reduces this risk, hence all the COD's and stuff. Making a game based on something from the Golden Age is risky and they will shy away from that in favour of another COD.

Kickstarter FTW
Posted 10:01am 04/4/12
This is the second Kickstarter project I have seen in the last couple of weeks, the other one reached $1.5million in public donations. It is really interesting to see it happening.

Good to know that it is always possible to see some true classics, simply by the power of the people, seeing as though most game companies do not care, e.g. Squeenix and FFVIII remake, millions of people want it, but they just don't listen, also (ironically) Squeenix and FFvXIII, there are SOOO many fans who want that game, but they haven't even officially revealed it yet, and it was announced 5 years ago.

If I could throw a couple million at a game developer to remake FFVII....I would not hesitate.
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