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Kicking off 2022 in Games
Post by Eorl @ 01:07pm 31/03/12 | 16 Comments
Mentioned earlier this week, the Diablo style RPG Path of Exile is now offering a open beta weekend for anyone interested in trying out the game.

While it has been quite hard to get into the closed beta, New Zealand developers Grinding Gear Games are letting the flood gates open for this weekend, in hopes of testing out server performance.
In Path of Exile, the player has been exiled from their homeland to the corrupted and deeply hostile continent of Wraeclast. Alone, or with other exiles, they must develop their skills and discover powerful magical artifacts in order to survive the challenges of a cutthroat post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

Path of Exile immerses the player in a gritty and realistic art style that goes against the current industry trend of cartoony RPGs.Our combat is especially visceral, with plenty of blood and gore. Position matters a great amount in our combat system. You can dodge projectiles and be blocked in by monsters.
Whether you're waiting for Diablo III to release or are eager to try out another hack and slash RPG, all you need to do is head over to the official website and sign up for an account. The beta will allow all players to experience everything that Path of Exile offers, as well as the upcoming 0.9.8 beta patch.

Check out the latest trailer below which shows off the Templar, one of six classes available as well as our game page for more. Hurry though, the open beta weekend finishes 5pm on Monday April 1st.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:38am 01/4/12
art style that goes against the current industry trend of cartoony RPGs.Our combat is especially visceral, with plenty of blood and gore
This is such bulls***. The art style is less exaggerated but the combat in diablo 3 is much more visceral and its gorier too.
Posted 12:56am 01/4/12
They had me till they used the word "visceral", such a lame marketting buzzword
Posted 02:41am 01/4/12
anyway, its fun and for anyone that likes d2 more than d3 its probably "better".
Posted 10:02am 01/4/12
Sounds all right.

Completely free to download and play.
Randomly generated levels and items for extreme replayability
Player vs. Player combat
Posted 10:11am 01/4/12
Been playing all yesterday, game's solid.

Feels like what Diablo 3 would have been had they decided to keep it close to D2.

The framerate is VERY smooth and well optimized and allso runs very smooth on 250ms latency, with only minor lag spikes VERY rarely (maybe once every 10 minutes, but it IS a stress test.)

Also, potentially oceanic servers coming out after launch depending on how well the game does, the item shop is going to be convenience / cosmetic type stuff only and they are having donations coming out this weekend where you can drop $10 to support them and get a beta key + some other items in return.
Posted 10:41am 01/4/12
Controls are outdated. Click fest with no option to hover over enemy to attack = FAIL. Turned it off in 10mins. Asked in game chat constantly why the lack of this basic option and staff response "You do realise you are chattin to the lead dev", without a actual answer. Needs controls like LOL where you can click hold and move, but when you hover over enemy while still holdin mouse button you should be able to attack without having to click again on every single mob....
Posted 10:53am 01/4/12
Found it annoying how the chat box wouldnt stay on party chat....and having to press % before everything you type (unless I was missing something)

Seems alright, although it just seems a stopgap until D3
Posted 01:15pm 01/4/12
how large is the client beta client?
Posted 01:56pm 01/4/12
What do people think of the huge passive skills tree? Too much or great to see some depth and choice again?

I like it personally, I'd rather options over a linear path/stuff all in general.

how large is the client beta client?

3.69gb installed.
Posted 02:45pm 01/4/12
All I care about is loot. Something many games can't seem to get right. Has it got diverse loot or what?
Posted 03:05pm 01/4/12
All I care about is loot. Something many games can't seem to get right. Has it got diverse loot or what?

Yea it has the normal range of greys, whites, blues and so on, Some random generated items stats wise and unique named items. Also you get orbs to customize items, like add mods, re-roll them, clear them, shuffle s*** like that.

The other important thing about gear is that it's where your skills come from, you socket gems into your gear and rather than stat boosts you get skills. They need to be the right color/type of gem slot and you can chain 1 or more to augment them if the slots are linked.
Posted 06:35pm 01/4/12
Still going or nay?
Posted 09:23pm 01/4/12
as of right now 19 hours left ^^
Posted 09:44pm 01/4/12
Had a go of it quite a fun game, but the skill tree is a little overwhelming i supose you could get used to it in time but i find there is a lack of direction in what passives to go at the start i just clicked what seemed useful other then that i enjoyed it. Too bad it is filled with moron yanks compairing it to diablo constantly.
Posted 01:32am 06/4/12
Anyone still in this game for the beta? There's been an update on the site, you can now pay as little as $10 USD right up to a massive $1000 USD to help fund the game development. Obviously each level has perks. I'm considering getting it.
Posted 02:08am 06/4/12
I got beta access a while ago via their site (one user picked every 5 mins), I presume that still stands, have not logged in for a while. Got to lvl 37 with my ranger, overall good game.
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