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Post by Dan @ 10:17am 30/03/12 | 13 Comments
In what seems like it should be bad news, but is actually probably good news for a lot of eager RPG players and Warhammer fans, THQ has announced that Vigil Games' development of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online has shifted from a massively multiplayer online experience to a more traditional RPG with both a single-player and presumably smaller-scale multiplayer component.
“As previously announced, we have been actively looking for a business partner for the game as an MMO. However, based on changing market dynamics and the additional investment required to complete the game as an MMO, we believe the right direction for us is to shift the title from an MMO to a premium experience with single and multiplayer gameplay, robust digital content and community features,” said Brian Farrell, President and CEO of THQ Inc. “Because we believe strongly in the high-quality and vast creative work that is in production, this is the right decision for both our portfolio and for gamers devoted to this powerful property.”
As the subscription MMO space is looking rather dominated today, we can't help but feel that this decision is for the best. While the thought of the Darksiders developer creating a WH40K RPG is enticing, it is still concerning as to just how Vigil plan to turn a game originally being built for MMO play into a solo experience. Let's hope it's less trying to shoehorn a grind-fest of fetch quests into single scripted narrative and more like turning Star Wars: The Old Republic into Knights of the Old Republic.

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Posted 10:46am 30/3/12
Guess it's a good thing. Would of been very hard to do a good 40K MMO, just waaay to much going on and I don't think the technology is quite there yet. Unless we were using Ork technology...
Posted 10:57am 30/3/12
kind of hoping that blizzards 'titan' is themed something like this...
Posted 11:50am 30/3/12
Yeah I'm betting this has to do with reliable info being leaked to them that the Blizzard MMO is scifi themed. Who would want to compete with that and SWTOR at the same time?
Posted 12:10pm 30/3/12
Yeah I'm betting this has to do with reliable info being leaked to them that the Blizzard MMO is scifi themed. Who would want to compete with that and SWTOR at the same time?

So it's going to be World of Starcraft?
Posted 12:15pm 30/3/12
I think a good WH40K MMO would be what it would take for me to get into a MMO.
Posted 01:04pm 30/3/12
This didn't cut me as deep as I thought it would. I was really looking forward to this MMO, however I was more looking forward to it being a successful MMO and the likeliness of this happening with the whole WOW plus WOW in space (TOR) thing happening at the same time would mean this s*** would have to be superb and unfortunately, I didn't see Vigil (with little to no MMO experience) pulling this off.

That and I don't think I have time these days for MMOs so a good casual RPG I can play at my own place + small scale MP is right up my back alley if you know what I mean.
Posted 03:51pm 30/3/12
Personally I think this is the worst news I've heard so far this decade.
Posted 03:54pm 30/3/12
drop mmo
add console support
Posted 03:57pm 30/3/12
This has now gone from a PC based game to a console one.
Posted 03:58pm 30/3/12
Outlaw you're missing:

3: ?????????
4: profit

To be honest I think this is the way some of the other MMO's should be heading...

Not enough games are making good headway with DLC... Release solid title, then release a few expansion packs as DLC.

It's not going to bring the cashflow of an MMO, but if they plan their infrastructure appropriately, they won't have anything like the operating cost of an MMO you've gotta think.
Posted 05:56pm 30/3/12
It kinda worked for Kingdoms of Amalur.

I am excited by this though, I don't have to pay for yet another MMO...
Posted 07:35pm 30/3/12
Well this is pretty disapointing as I was really looking forward to it.
Posted 08:11pm 30/3/12
At least its still being made though, thats good news, for a while it sounded like it was going to be cancelled altogether
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