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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:09am 30/03/12 | 10 Comments
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 1.5 patch may have gone live on Steam last week, but that hasn't stopped the Bethesda folks listening to, and finding, more issues with their popular action-RPG.

While console owners await their respective manufacturers to give a greenlight for the 1.5 patch to hit both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Bethesda has added an incremental update for PC players on Steam that fixes a number of new bugs that have arisen since 1.5 was released. Here're the main additions to patch 1.5.26:
  • Fixed issue with frequency of first-person kill cameras
  • Underwater effects now display properly
  • Fixed crash when loading certain plugins (PC Only)
  • Fixed issue where sun would not appear properly after fast travel
As noted, the console update has been submitted, so as soon as Bethesda announces any kind of delivery date, we'll let you know.

How is everyone else finding the new 1.5 patch overall?

bethesdathe elder scrolls v skyrimsteampatchupdate
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:33am 30/3/12
I really like the archery kill cams, especially when you do a really long range shot, makes it feel extra epic

The new melee kill animations mostly look a bit weird on my character though because they seem to be built for cutting weapons like swords and axes, but I use maces, so a lot of the the time its like my guy cutting someone's throat with the wooden handle of his mace and it just looks weird.
Omnom Pylons
Posted 12:18pm 30/3/12
When will they fix the 'Blood on the Ice' quest? :(
Posted 12:18pm 30/3/12
I actually have gone back to this since 1.5, and it only seemed to be buggier, with nothing in the way of noticeable improvements. :/
Posted 01:00pm 30/3/12
Started up an Imperial Battlemage charector to check the updates, all things running smoother than normal, kill cams for magic are okay, but not all that special.
Posted 01:19pm 30/3/12
It doesn't seem very buggy at all for me, in fact, I'm quite impressed at the lack of buggyness considering its a Bethesda game.

Only real major bug I've come accross is somewhere near the start of my game, just after I got Lydia, she got lost somewhere and disappeared and never came back, but I just went and grabbed a different companion and said f*** it.
Posted 01:29pm 30/3/12
sometimes the kill cams for melee are annoying when you are clicking like mad coz there are multiple enemies & you score a kill cam but keep clicking & the animation halts halfway & you go back to melee. not a big deal though.
Only real major bug I've come accross is somewhere near the start of my game, just after I got Lydia, she got lost somewhere and disappeared and never came back, but I just went and grabbed a different companion and said f*** it.

i had this happen with janeesa. except i knew the cave she disappeared in. searched for fkn ages n finally found her underwater & she couldn't seem to get out. because she was underwater i couldn't speak with her to tell her to gimme my stuff ;p so i got a new mule, went back to the cave, arrowed janeesa in the water n got my loot back :D

i thought i had lost lydia once but it turned out i had accidentally killed her with a long range arrow. i went back & searched along the path i had last seen her on n found her body next to a dead frost troll i had shot from a distance. got my loot back :D
Posted 01:32pm 30/3/12
I couldn't find somebody in the mage guild who I vaguely remembered using as a companion months ago when I stopped playing, but getting another companion caused her to appear, so you may be able to find long lost companions that way.
Posted 01:36pm 30/3/12
Yeah, luckily I hadn't really given her anything special, just random stuff I'd pick up off dead things along the way. I had pretty much only just got her, and it was the first time I had taken her out with me, and yeah, she never came back.

I've got some roided up hulking woman from the tavern in Whiterun now, and kitted her out with a full set of exquisite dwarven armor and weapons. I had a tonne of the dwarven metal ingots cos I had been through the dwemer ruins in Markath and melted all the priceless artifacts I found down into crafting materials. I even went into the Dwemer museum they had in Markath and snuck around picking the locks on the display cases and melting their relics down too. I'm like an anti-Indiana Jones or something.
Posted 01:45pm 30/3/12
Bethesduh need to make the inventory system(chests) on console more workable. Its just retarded scrolling through massive list of items, needs to be split up or categorized. I finished the main story line and reached level 60, so I'm not playing any more until its fixed or some decent DLC comes out.
Posted 02:14pm 30/3/12
Outlaw, I've only just started playing the pc version lately and it really is not much better. I am not sure why they don't have a visual inventory system like, well, you know, every other RPG in the last 5 years.

The fact I can't even look at a character screen is completely stupid, especially when there is only 7 things max you can equip at any one time anyway. And don't even get me started at how the game gets paused to go into a menu to select a different spell / weapon / drink potions / use scrolls etc... it just seems so unecessary.
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