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Post by Dan @ 05:07pm 29/03/12 | 40 Comments
Following in the footsteps of the recent PlayStation 3 patch, the PC version has finally been scheduled and it's surprisingly only a few hours away.

The PC Battlefield 3 patch is due to roll out "at around 9AM UTC / 11 AM CET March 29", which translates to 8pm AEDT tonight in Sydney and will hit your download quota to the tune of approximately 1.6GB.

A new post on the official Battlefield Blog details the main changes, which are mostly just higher-level summaries of the PS3 patch notes including the improved commo-rose and minimap, however there is one elaboration that wasn't previously explained -- the Recon's SOFLAM accessory can now paint targets without active control:
Now, when a Recon player places it and then leaves it, it will continue to paint targets entering its area of control, continuously giving the Recon player a passive points income. This means a Recon player can place a SOFLAM in a strategic position, then leave it to find a good sniping spot. Combined with fixing a few scoring error in the SOFLAM, it should now be a much more viable source of experience points for Recons. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.
The controversial weapon unlock purchases are also supposed to launch with this patch, however contrary to the BF Blog claiming that they are now available on Origin, we haven't been able to locate them on either the AU or US store, so cannot confirm prices. Here's what to expect though:
The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:
  • Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
  • Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
  • The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs
Similarly, an update the server software will also be deploying tonight and a list of fixes can be found in this forum post by DICE's Mikael Kalms.

Update: The Australian Dollar unlock shortcut prices are now online:
Air Vehicle Shortcut $9.99
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle $17.99
Ground Vehicle Shortcut $9.99
The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle $39.99
Co-op Weapons Shortcut $4.99
Support Kit Shortcut $6.99
Assault Kit Shortcut $6.99
Engineer Kit Shortcut $6.99
At $40 for the lot, these unlocks sure don't come cheap for Aussies. For reference the Ultimate Bundle is only US$24.99 (currently AUD$24.17) on the North American Origin store. I guess it must be all that distribution and shipping overhead.

battlefield 3patch
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:36pm 29/3/12
Yay! Finally horns on jeeps! Tonight will be a fun night. Also that SOFLAM change is a good thing, not enough Recon put it down sadly.
Posted 05:54pm 29/3/12
I thought SOFLAM always did that, no wonder people don't use them much.

Posted 05:59pm 29/3/12
^ Yeah the Tooltip has always said it does, and it attempts to, but always fails. Great buff though they still need to fix the drop off lock from 0.0000000001ms to maybe a couple of seconds, because nothing is more frustrating than finally getting a lock on a f*****g jet and it flying past a cable on a certain antennae and it dropping lock.
Posted 06:21pm 29/3/12
The SOFLAM always picked up targets pretty well when i was off doing other things, but i think this adjustment means that by having it deployed you now get points for target designation even if you didn't manually designate.
The points adjustment is welcome too... a bit more incentive to use the damn thing. I know engys will be happy with that!! Nothing worse than being dominated by choppers and no fker will deploy a damn SOFLAM...
Posted 06:21pm 29/3/12
Yay now I can get finally get my unlocks!
Posted 06:41pm 29/3/12
its hard enough flying a jet.. prety much within seconds of taking off you are jsut 100% locked and f***ed the second an enemy jet is in the air. its almsot pointless flying in a jet these days.
Posted 07:07pm 29/3/12
Pffft asif it is. Learn to dodge missiles.
Posted 07:25pm 29/3/12
i dont get the pay for unlock thing, half the fun/satisfaction is playing well to get unlocks.
Posted 08:05pm 29/3/12
Posted 08:17pm 29/3/12
Battlelog is down now, hopefully it won't be down for too long and we can get the update!

Edit- Just checked for an update on Origin and it's downloading! Yay!
Posted 08:40pm 29/3/12
i dont get the pay for unlock thing

I thought that, but then remembered that stuff like the IR Flares are an 'unlock' which makes this game fkn HORRIBLE to new players...

(remind me of having to unlock 'grenades' in BF2142... stupid unlock is stupid...)
Posted 09:01pm 29/3/12
Heh and I played '42 for two years with zero unlocks and loved that game 1000x more than BF3
Posted 09:13pm 29/3/12
i cant fly for s***, its pretty funny when u hop in a hcopper and kill ur squad.
Posted 09:37pm 29/3/12
Not paying to unlock things already included in a game I payed a lot of money for that should have been available from the start.
Posted 09:56pm 29/3/12
Not paying to unlock things already included in a game I payed a lot of money for that should have been available from the start.
Posted 09:57pm 29/3/12
I noticed just playing now that they've f***ed up the scopes for the L96. The scopes aren't aligned to where the bullets travel, currently the bullets are going higher than the cross-hair. Well done DICE.
Posted 10:17pm 29/3/12
Updated OP with absolutely criminal regionalised unlock prices. But did we expect any less?
Posted 10:18pm 29/3/12
Ok- Monkeez, for a start, thats MORE realistic. When firing a high velicity round...such as ...oh i dunno, ANY MILITARY RIFLE, the round initially goes UP and then starts to fall with gravity. Learning to shoot the Aus Steyr in the ADF we learn that, and its only a 5.56mm round. Stop crying and do some research. go play CoD if you want railgun sniper rifles.
Posted 10:19pm 29/3/12
Hahahahaha. Maybe that will make people not bother and just do it in-game.
Posted 10:22pm 29/3/12
F*****g stoked. The weapon tweaks have me frothing. Can't wait.
Posted 10:24pm 29/3/12
friendsofrhomb, all other rifles currently in the game do not fire up in this way, realism or not they should at least be consistent. Also, no, I'd prefer not to play CoD thank you very much.
Posted 10:46pm 29/3/12
The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:
Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs

While years ago I disliked player unlocks (and the people that used them), these days I simply don't have the damn time to play and grind away.

I don't know if I'll get back to BF3 with the old clan anytime soon, though if I do.. now that the upgrades are available and far cheaper than the money I would have lost had I stayed at home and not gone to work instead, the asking price is a pittance.

As good as this game is, I can't ditch my workload for it just at the moment, though if I won lotto tomorrow it'd be nice to know I could catch up.

Someone throw me 45 mill so i can test this theory.. and maybe some others as they come along in days to come.

Posted 10:46pm 29/3/12
I think the jew version is broken again.. :(
Posted 10:54pm 29/3/12
Wow, those prices are f*****g retarded, I was happy to pay about $5 for the unlocks, *possibly* $10, but that would have been stretching it. $40 is the price of a whole new game, screw that. New Silent Hill game comes out next week, i'll spend my $40 on that
Posted 11:35pm 29/3/12
learn to ECM
Posted 02:25am 30/3/12
" Step 1) Take all the items people would normally expect and put them behind a grind wall
Step 2) Wait for this to become the accepted norm
Step 3) Allow players to pay to bypass the wall
Step 4) Profit from allowing players to bypass a grind that you added, that wasn’t even there 5 years ago

Notice how there’s no ???? step."

Saw this posted on another site and thought it summed up the situation perfectly
Posted 02:43am 30/3/12
This is a pretty stealth way of introducing a freemium model to a game you have to pay to start playing.
Posted 09:38am 30/3/12
Holy Aussie markup batman. This time they have no excuse what-so-ever aboout bricks and mortor stores, GST's, shipping costs, bandwidth use and anything else to justify the MASSIVE markup in price for Aussies.

Please Ausgamers get a real response from EA/Dice as to why they can justify such a premium for us, don't roll over on it.
Posted 01:13pm 30/3/12
For those with the Russian version I've put up the released language files to fix the black screen issue. Download it from here
Posted 02:14pm 30/3/12
Taking the prices off the Australian Origin Store and estimating the new DLC prices based on B2K.

Battlefield 3 - $79.99
Battlefield 3 Promotional Items - $5
Battlefield 3 SPECACT Kit & Dog Tag Bundle - $5
Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Expansion Pack - $23.95
Close Quarters - $23.95
Armored Kill - $23.95
End Game - $23.95
The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle - $39.99

Total = $225.78

If you bought the shortcuts individually that's a total of $52.93

Bringing the Total to $238.72 AUD.

248.226 USD
185.937 EUR

That's insane!
Posted 02:25pm 30/3/12
Divided by the 200 hours I've played already, that's $1/hour for entertainment. Way more expensive than watching commercial tv, much cheaper than the cinema or a night out, probably on par with a book
Posted 02:37pm 30/3/12
Though badfunk, everyone who pre-ordered didn't have to pay for B2K or the extra items etc, so it's obviously cheaper. Still, stupidly expensive.
Posted 02:48pm 31/3/12
What a ripoff for the price of the Kit cheats the game becomes boring once you have everything unlocked anyway.
Posted 02:54pm 31/3/12
no one is forcing you to pay all of that
Posted 06:45pm 31/3/12
claymore fail, they dont work anymore, choppers are way to powerful now
Posted 11:50pm 01/4/12
huh claymores work better then ever.....
Posted 11:56pm 01/4/12
from playing recently I haven't really noticed much difference but my m60 seems more accurate on a bipod and does a bit more damage..
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