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Post by Dan @ 02:35pm 29/03/12 | 88 Comments
NBNCo’s future may be politically uncertain, but the company tasked with building the Australian government of the day's nationwide fibre network is getting on with the job, today announcing the long-awaited three year rollout plan, detailing all the suburbs and new estates that it intends to service with high speed fibre optic broadband connections and the regional areas to be covered by dedicated fixed wireless services by 2015.

According to tech blog Delimiter, the rollout is pegged to "pass 3.5 million premises in 1500 communities in every state and territory in Australia".
The locations were chosen, according to NBN Co, firstly on the basis of meeting a number of policy objectives, namely that construction should take place across both rural and metropolitan areas; that construction should be across all states and territories; that the rollout in Tasmania should be finished by 2016 and that all new developments with over 100 premises should be covered.

In addition, NBN Co added a number of its own guidelines to help determine the schedule, ranging from the idea that the fixed wireless rollout should be completed in 2015 (it will target a small percentage of areas which won’t receive fibre); that satellite broadband via NBN Co’s own satellites should be available by 2015, and that areas where there were a large number of new developments should be prioritised, to avoid old technologies having to be installed — only to be replaced with the NBN later on.
If you want to see whether your area made the cut, NBNCo have a comprehensive Google Maps interface flagging every location.

Consumers in completed areas will be able to access the wholesale NBN service retailed via many of the same ISP's that currently supply DSL and Cable services in the country today.

Although the network is touted to have far reaching economic benefits across many sectors, there are some obvious predictable benefits from a pure gaming perspective. Immediately, fibre connected players can expect more stable and low latency connections to domestic game servers. Then as NBN connections in Australia become more ubiquitous we can expect better chances of the player hosting that Halo or Call of Duty match on Xbox or PlayStation to have a connection fast enough to support everyone else in their game, and of course, the further viability of "cloud gaming" services like OnLive and Gakai.

All this is assuming that a change in government won’t derail the entire thing, but if you’re fortunate enough to be on the rollout map, there’s at least the chance that the relevant contracts might be carved in the bedrock if and when that time comes. Did you make the cut?

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:06pm 29/3/12
Sorry Pinky. Snaked your OP for a news post rather than create another thread. Gave you the acheev though. Hope that makes up for 3 years of no NBN for you! =D
Posted 10:29pm 29/3/12
My suburb (Kingsley, WA) made the cut. Good thing too cause I'm close to the ass end of the DSL network (4mb sync).

Work to commence within three years - we will commence work in your area from Jun 2015 in phases with last work scheduled to commence in Sep 2015*

Fingers crossed these contracts get drawn up and signed off as soon as possible.
Posted 10:41pm 29/3/12
dan, your links go to the qgl forum.
Posted 11:40pm 29/3/12
This announcement today is just another obvious and plain labor lie. I simply cannot believe that the Prime Minister would so plainly lie on national tv once again.

Julia Gillard said today that 6000 premises will be connected per week in the 3 year roll out plan resulting in 3.5M premises being connected. Any person who can do basic math can see that 6000 premises a week equates to 936K premises in 3 years. NOT 3.5M premises.

I would like to believe that labor are just retarded and they have got their counting wrong, but that's not the case. They are just once again simply lying to us, and they don't give a s*** if we realize.
Posted 11:55pm 29/3/12
This announcement today is just another obvious and plain labor lie. I simply cannot believe that the Prime Minister would so plainly lie on national tv once again.

She might not be a saint but it was Tony Abbott who admitted that what he said cannot always be trusted.
Posted 12:02am 30/3/12
Anyone have any info on whether ADSL2+ or cable prices will start getting cheaper as a result? Our contract with iinet is up in August. At this stage will probably go back to TPG, but might shop around if they are keen to lock people into new contracts.
Posted 01:26am 30/3/12
Julia Gillard said today that 6000 premises will be connected per week in the 3 year roll out plan resulting in 3.5M premises being connected.
The 6,000 premises a week figure is the number of completed connections. The 3.5 million figure is the number of premises where work will have commenced or been completed.
Posted 03:50am 30/3/12
when is it getting to noosa
Posted 04:09am 30/3/12
Bulimba represent yo. If and when I head back
Posted 09:35am 30/3/12
Yeah boy, north lakes work has commenced!
Posted 07:57pm 31/3/12
Page isnt found for me will be nice when i can finally get some decent internet plan though.
Posted 08:24pm 31/3/12
blah new development on the other side of the highway has work commenced. My side of the highway is another 10 years away I guess...

Posted 08:25pm 31/3/12
work is in the pink zone so I guess that's good :p

It sure is buddy, it sure is.

The rollout is retarded on the Gold Coast though - All the areas that need it aren't getting s***, and all the areas that are well serviced already are getting it. Idiots.
Posted 08:28pm 31/3/12
My new place (Mountain River, Tas) hasn't got squat. Looks like I'm stuck with ISPs hosting on Telstra hardware!
Posted 08:38pm 31/3/12
Nothing. :( I'll hopefully be living in a better place within 3 years though, so I'll be consulting this map when moving house.
Posted 11:07pm 31/3/12
She might not be a saint but it was Tony Abbott who admitted that what he said cannot always be trusted.

It was something like "If I haven't written it down you better believe I am lying through my teeth"
Posted 11:40pm 31/3/12
Within a year for me. Although I really like my 100mbit Telstra Cable so who cares at this point.
Posted 12:04pm 01/4/12
Within 3 years (so more likely 10) but they'd have to pry the telstra cable from my cold dead hands before I give it up. So f*****g reliable, probably had 2 weeks of downtime total in 8 years.
Posted 12:25pm 01/4/12
2 weeks of downtime.. wtf?

I've had 2x 5 minutes and 1x 5 hours (when someone drove into a pole) in the last 13 years.
Posted 03:06pm 01/4/12
I'm with iiNet, what's down time?
Posted 03:01pm 02/4/12
They're heading to Bathurst, Mudgee and Dubbo but skipped Orange.
Posted 03:42pm 02/4/12
The NBN roll out map is confusing. Somebody mentioned to me today that they are doing regional areas first, which I found hard to believe. Is that true? If you look at the map and look down the east coast of Australia a lot of the main towns missing out yet Little Mullumbimby is getting it? wtf

Posted 03:33pm 02/4/12
Original article link is owned?
Posted 03:35pm 02/4/12
In the green but a couple streets away from the 1 year area :(
Posted 04:38pm 02/4/12
Hahah suck it hard metro f***. All of Cairns will get it in 3 years.
Posted 04:43pm 02/4/12
To be fair, there's absolutely bugger all to do in Mullumbimby except surf the net. It seems kinda harsh to deny that to them.
Posted 04:47pm 02/4/12
yeah greazy the trade off is living in cairns

Posted 01:38am 03/4/12
Fibre | Work to commence within one year - we will commence work in your area from Nov 2012 in phases with last work scheduled to commence in Mar 2014*.
It is estimated that the average time from work beginning to NBN services being available is 12 months.

Awwwwww yeh
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