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Post by Dan @ 04:55pm 28/03/12 | 20 Comments
We're not sure exactly what the catch or the motive here is, but Australian retailer Harvey Norman are having a sale on video game software on their online store, offering 50% off even new release games (thanks Raven). This is the regular HN online store too, not their newer grey-importing, GST avoiding channel.

Among the discounts, you can find Mass Effect 3 for AU$39 on console (or only $36 on PC), Saints Row 3 for $35, Batman Arkham City for $30 and all PlayStation Vita games for sub $30. Ok, so it's not quite as good as you can find some of these through import channels and CD key sites, but these do all appear to be Australian retail product so are almost certainly being sold at a loss. The offer appears to be limited to two per customer and ends tomorrow March 29th, so get up on it before they wise up.

harvey normansale

Latest Comments
Posted 05:10pm 28/3/12
Think you can get my money that easy, Gerry Harvey?
Posted 05:12pm 28/3/12
Yea take my money, EB is a rip off noobs! This is getting cheaper then STEAM! Go Harvey GO!
Posted 06:16pm 28/3/12
After Gerry spat his dummy and claimed that his online game sales were a failure before even giving it a decent chance, I'm guessing this is some sort of test of the Australian market. If this doesn't go well, he will claim "Look, even at below cost prices, Australians still don't buy games from local retailers, therefore the government should do more to save my prehistoric business model!!"
Posted 06:25pm 28/3/12
The combination of Winston's post and avatar is just perfect
Posted 06:27pm 28/3/12
i for one refuse to give Harvey Norman my business. even at a discount i will not buy from HN
Posted 06:29pm 28/3/12
needs a meme similar to No Steam No
Posted 06:42pm 28/3/12
I purchased 2 copies of Street Fighter x Tekken for $39...

Good price.
Posted 06:54pm 28/3/12
Considering buying ME3, somebody halp me.
Posted 07:14pm 28/3/12
Nerfy: Do it. You know you want to. I'm just dirty that I paid $36 for a ME3 key on the weekend and could've got a shiny box instead!

Also worth noting that the Skylanders starter box is $43, which is a pretty good deal if you've been on the fence about getting it.
Posted 07:26pm 28/3/12
Key would be better, otherwise I have to pay for delivery... >_>
Posted 07:31pm 28/3/12
Do you have a HN's nearby though? Can just pick up in store if so.

Also worth mentioning for those keen on ME3 (but haven't played the first two), is that Amazon are selling a ME1/ME2 double pack for $us12 at the moment. You need to input a US billing address, but that's the only hoop needed to buy them. Once you get the keys, ME2 will go into Origin happily and I believe EA support will add the ME1 key for you (if you ask nicely).
Posted 07:33pm 28/3/12
Key would be better, otherwise I have to pay for delivery... >_>

I've taken gerry up on his offer, you can pick a store to collect from nerfy
Posted 07:40pm 28/3/12
I'd have to combine multiple trains and buses, with a half hour walk to the nearest bus/train station, so I think that the listed ~$6 delivery fee would probably still win :P. Though is the place where you got the key still available? That'd be a better option for several reasons, one being not having to commit to it right now. Should hopefully be making profits in a month, and then... ME is ok...
Posted 07:57pm 28/3/12
Nerfy, CJS have em, http://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Mass-Effect-3-%252d-Origin-Download-CD-Key.html

Thanks :D, now I can delay the procrastination.
Posted 07:57pm 28/3/12
Posted 11:34am 29/3/12
Is this a sign that HN is going to get out of the games business?
Posted 11:41am 29/3/12
I think its just a marketing move to get the word out that they have an online store
Posted 01:21pm 29/3/12
I remember someone linked Jerry Harvey video the other week, Cant be bothered looking for the thread. In the video he said they were going to import games from Ireland or somewhere like that because it was a lot cheaper and he could compete with the online market.
I don't think the prices will change much but we'll have to wait and see....

The video actually made me have more respect for him and HN in general.
Posted 07:48pm 29/3/12
Thanks for that cdkeyprices link
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