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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:43am 27/03/12 | 5 Comments
Anyone who read my ancient magazine work (magazines are like ancient tablets with no moving parts barring pages) on Nintendo Gamer, well back in the day, will likely remember that I was a rabid Silicon Knights fanboy. Mostly because of the brilliant work the team did on Eternal Darkness, a twisted horror action title that transitioned in development from Nintendo 64 to the GameCube, but emerged a triumph.

Moving on from my Nintendo-centric ways and into the greater world of games proper, it excited me when the team were bringing their long-awaited Too Human to Xbox 360 in a planned trilogy. However, it was not meant to be and after a series of scathing reviews, Silicon Knights boss, Denis Dyack, took something of a different route and blamed the state of their game on Epic.

Allegedly, Epic were too focused on launching Gears of War at the time, and didn't offer Silicon Knights the required technical support their engine license promised, thus leaving the Canada-based studio to rewrite the engine themselves. This apparently shifted valuable design and technical resources to areas that would subsequently reflect in the final, poorly received product.

"I think as long as Silicon Knights is still around there is still hope," Dyack recently told GamesIndustry.biz (international). "You know, in some ways Too Human got a bad rap, and there are all kinds of details. A lot of what happened with Too Human is going to come out in the court case, which is May 14."

Silicon Knights filed a lawsuit against Epic over the above, and on May 14 the case goes before a jury trial, something Dyack feels is a win for their studio, and the games industry on the whole.

"When Epic first went public about our case to the press, they said that our claims were without merit," Dyack said. "Two separate federal court judges have now disagreed with Epic, and have ruled that the case does have merit."

On the topic of the future of their studio, Dyack told GamesIndustry.biz that he doesn't "think it is too much to ask" for fans to request a return of their beloved Eternal Darkness adding that "we love Eternal Darkness. It's a project that's near and dear to our hearts".

"We're really excited and we're working on our next generation stuff," he said. "We're working on an IP that's our most requested and we're really excited about that."

Just which platform their next project ends up on will remain to be seen, though all eyes are on the developer and Nintendo's Wii U given their background as a former Nintendo second-party developer, as long as they don't spend years building it - something they're notorious for. We'll keep you updated on the outcome of the May 14 court-case, so stay tuned.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:29pm 27/3/12
Eternal Darkness was an awesome game!
Posted 01:44pm 27/3/12
I liked Too Human a lot, and didn't understand the hate throw it's way.

The odd control system took about a full level to get to grips with, but ended up feeling fluid and fun as you started mastering it.

I honestly feel that a lot of the bad press was a result of a few reviewers trying it for 30mins, hating the controls and basing their review on that, while everyone else just piled on the hate bandwagon, as the internet loves to do.

Maybe coming into it late, I wasn't put off by all the hype surrounding it pre launch and that helped as well.

In any case, it was an enjoyable game and I would definately play the sequels if they ever untangle this snarl of litigation and get it made.

Kickstart that sh$t imo. I hear all the cool kids are doing it!
Posted 02:10pm 27/3/12
I've heard from a guy I know who used to work at Silicon Knights, that Denis Dyack is a bit of an eccentric nutter, so I'd take anything he says with a grain of salt, but yeah more Eternal Darkness would be pretty awesome.

I always thought Silicon Knights were involved in the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver games too, but after looking it up on Wikipedia it seems they weren't (or at least, they were in the early stages then backed out). Soul Reaver was awesome, I loved those games, had them on my Dreamcast!
Posted 02:00am 28/3/12
They did the original Legacy of Kain which was a top down rpg and an awesome game in its own right. However my favorite game of theirs is Steel Empires, a turn based strategy game for the Amiga that changed to real time mech battles during skirmishes. Wish they'd make a sequel to that!
Posted 08:57am 28/3/12
Yeah Dyack copped a ton of flack from gamers too when he went on Neogaf and stirred up the community, calling people names. I think he was banned as a result.

I never finished ED, but what I played of it was pretty good.
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