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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:36pm 26/03/12 | 13 Comments
iiNet and Internode are continuing to stick it to their competitors, by joining forces to allow users of both services access to each ISP's content libraries, without an impact on monthly quotas.
The unmetered content sharing initiative, announced last Friday, gives iiNet customers access to Internode's service while Internode customers can access iiNet's Freezone content.
"We're delighted that both iiNet and Internode customers can now enjoy our huge range of new unmetered content in both directions," said Internode content manager, Heidi Angove.

"While Xbox Live and iTunes content is not yet unmetered for Internode customers, we are working on this, but it will take significantly longer to achieve. We'll let Internode customers know as soon as this content has been unmetered for them.

"This is the first change to our content platforms, but we have plenty more exciting things planned," she added.

This means that iiNet's 3FL servers and their Freezone content library is quota-free for Internode customers, while the library of patches, files, servers et al offer the same for iiNet customers.

In addition, both the Internode Mirror and iiNet FTP Server are now unmetered for all customers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:41pm 26/3/12

So when will Ausgamers library join up to make it super awesome?
Posted 05:09pm 26/3/12
They'll be part of Bigpong as they already run GameArena.
Posted 05:26pm 26/3/12
I know that, but one can only hope.
Posted 06:19pm 26/3/12
This is some of the best news I've heard in a while. Just upsets me that I'm going to lose access to iiNet/'node when I move house (and give up my sweet 20Mbit linesync) and be forced to use Telstra :(
Posted 06:21pm 26/3/12
What about premium usenet, who gives a f*** about that other s***
Posted 06:46pm 26/3/12
What about premium usenet, who gives a f*** about that other s***

Given Internode are slowly phasing that out, unlikely ...
Posted 07:42pm 26/3/12
Given Internode are slowly phasing that out, unlikely ...

Posted 07:48pm 26/3/12
Posted 07:49pm 26/3/12
and ..

They say it's not going away 'yet' and that no 'final' decision has been made, but the actions of de-listing it and not confirming anything are hints enough that they are not confident they will continue to support it.

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Posted 08:14pm 26/3/12
What about premium usenet, who gives a f*** about that other s***
Yeh, it seems very odd that they didn't mention that, given that it would no doubt be the first question many people would be asking
Posted 08:29pm 26/3/12
internode posted something about their usenet service going away soon..

news National broadband provider Internode has internally flagged plans to “quietly” shut down the Premium Usenet newsgroup server it has offered to customers for some years as a free value-add to their existing broadband plans.

Popular in the 1980′s and 90′s, Usenet is a distributed Internet discussion platform which still sees a substantial amount of traffic today. The system allows users to host discussions and publish files and is accessed by users through localised mirrors, typically provided by ISPs or web hosting companies. It has also emerged as a major rival to file sharing services such as BitTorrent.
Posted 06:33pm 27/3/12
intriguing read (although I seem to be VERY late to the news :S)

As a recent addition to the Usenet world it'd be a shame if Node stopped providing access...

I recall signing up to 'Node must be 10 odd years ago when they used to host state-wide DC hubs... those were the days...

Has anyone here had any experience establishing an 'unmetered' connection between two private households on the same provider? I'd love to be able to mirror stuff between mine and my bro's place without worrying about it being metered...
Posted 06:45pm 27/3/12

Interesting idea IVY_Mike. Let us know if that works.
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