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Post by Dan @ 03:24pm 26/03/12 | 9 Comments, those Polish warriors of nostalgic gaming free of price discrimination and inconvenient copy-protection have something major to announce this week, and to capture our attention ahead of the big reveal, they've been releasing a series of oddball videos promoting their noble cause.

The three clips released so far extol the virtues of freedom of DRM, regional price parity and value-add purchases, all things that any respectable gamer -- or consumer of digital goods of any kind for that matter -- should be able to get behind. We particularly like the very subtle dig at Steam in the first video and the reminder that Australian's aren't alone in our battle for even price-points in the second.

We're not exactly sure what this touted "Newer, Fresher, Bigger" plan is, but based purely on our own speculation, (as much as we love the classic games catalogue) we're hoping those first two words indicate more new release games, like they have successfully demonstrated their capabilities of delivering with The Witcher 2.Hit the links above to check out the videos and stay tuned on Wednesday (Tuesday 09:00 GMT) to find out exactly what GOG are cooking up.

goggog.comdrmregional pricing

Latest Comments
Posted 04:19pm 26/3/12
I have to admit, these clips did make me smile.
Posted 04:22pm 26/3/12
Painful to watch, horrible videos.

Posted 04:30pm 26/3/12
Everyone likes cake!
Posted 04:56pm 26/3/12
The cake isn't a lie?
Posted 05:32pm 26/3/12
Haha love the accents.
Posted 08:51pm 26/3/12
Buying Witcher 2 off gog was the best deal I've gotten on a game ever. Fully support these guys and look forward to seeing some new games on their site soon (if they're doing that). Really cool video, loved the cake one.
Posted 09:13pm 26/3/12

Umm...excuse me GOG... I have bought many games in the past but I have not received a piece of cake.
Posted 09:55pm 26/3/12
I haven't bought Witcher 2, I skipped over it but everyone keeps saying how good it is so I might have to pick it up. Isn't there some new version of it coming out soon? Might wait for that
Posted 10:25pm 26/3/12
Isn't there some new version of it coming out soon? Might wait for that
It's a free upgrade for existing owners though, so the only reason to hold off is a possible price drop.
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