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Post by Dan @ 10:59am 26/03/12 | 14 Comments
DICE have posted word on the official Battlefield blog of the latest BF3 patch, due in a few short days for the PlayStation 3 version on March 27th CET (so Wednesday March 28th here in Australia) with PC and Xbox 360 to follow in the coming weeks.

Chief among the changes is long-awaited improvements to the PC's "commo-rose" interface -- the hot-menu used for sending quick voice commands to your team that had been clumsy to the point of uselessness since the game's launch last October.

For console players, the biggest deal this time around is the introduction of server rentals -- a feature that the PC version has had since launch, however since third party providers aren't able to run BF3 console servers like they can for PC (EA DICE run all BF3 console servers via an exclusive deal with i3D) this hasn't previously been an option for PS3 and X360 players. More details on just how this will work on consoles is expected in the next few days.

As always, the patch also includes an exhaustive list of gameplay balance changes and bug fixes far too numerous to list here. So hit up the patch notes for a complete breakdown (and to rage at SOFLAM being even further disincentivised).

Following this one, the next major update for Battlefield 3 will likely accompany the upcoming Close Quarters DLC in June.

battlefield 3patchdiceea
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:07am 26/3/12
Mother of god! This looks great
Posted 11:30am 26/3/12
-Added Horns to all Jeeps.

Posted 12:35pm 26/3/12
I was playing a game last night on Wake island 64 player 1000 ticket server Hardcore server.

Soflams where being used by both sides and Javelins were abound. It was great, one of the most fun BF3 Wake Island games I've played. I flew an attack chopper, manned the guns and flew jets. Received several javelins to end my flights, not after killing a tank or two and some troopers. It really kept you on your toes.

I also provided many a Javelin to take down choppers, jets and tanks. The game seemed so much better with concentrated tank/aircraft and troopers. If the vehicles left the infantry support alone they where quickly taken down by SOFLAM/Javelin combos, this forced them to work together. The combat was pretty intense and each game finished with only 100 tickets on the winning side left. Pretty close.

TLDR; SOFLAM/Javelin combos make the game heaps more fluid and enjoyable, nerfing Soflam is crazy talk.
Posted 12:45pm 26/3/12
TLDR; SOFLAM/Javelin combos make the game heaps more fluid and enjoyable, nerfing Soflam is crazy talk.
Posted 12:48pm 26/3/12
Its rather amusing that they made such a big deal about PC being their lead platform before the game was released, and now the consoles get the patches first without a PC date even given, which seems especially weird since the console patches have to go through a whole certification process and the PC one doesn't.

So much for the savior of PC gaming
Posted 12:56pm 26/3/12
They said that halfway through the development of BF3 they switched their focus from PC to console.
Posted 12:57pm 26/3/12
Bulls***, JAV/SOFLAM is lame. Stinger/Igla buff is the way to go.
Posted 01:00pm 26/3/12
It's coming on the 27th only for PS3, probably due to Sony deal or something. PC and Xbox 360 have no confirmed date, however they are saying it may come the week after.
Posted 02:24pm 26/3/12
i've just roughly gone through the list of changes, didn't see anything that disadvantages the soflam?

-C4 will no longer be detonable after a player respawns, if the player is revived within 5 seconds he can still detonate his C4.

Posted 02:38pm 26/3/12
i've just roughly gone through the list of changes, didn't see anything that disadvantages the soflam?


Flares will now brake Javelin/SOFLAM lock-ons.
Posted 03:24pm 26/3/12
Pirroh, that's only in the case of laser guided rockets. Not sure if it will do it on un-laser guided missiles.
Posted 03:43pm 26/3/12
Pretty sure a SOFLAM guided Javelin missile is classes as laser guided..
Posted 04:27pm 26/3/12
Yeah I just realised that he said SOFLAM lock -on. Disregard everything, acquire babes.
Posted 08:08pm 26/3/12
horns in jeep - YES!
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